the great reset

| has anyone heard about our lord and savior klaus shwab or the wef?
this person wrote books on the 4th industrial revolution, the great reset and how it'll happen till 2030, the crazy old coot!

this seems to be what the world is supposed to be like after said "reset":

| By 2030 you vill own a single burg
And you VILL be happy

| capitalism concentrates capital
increased concentrations of capital reduce the rate of profit
a low enough rate of profit leads to the collapse of capitalism as a mode of organizing society
as a solution to the decreasing rate of profit, you have either a rentier economy (schwab and friends) or the destruction of capital (war)
anyone who did more than two hours of economic analysis would know this, desu

| there is a reason interest rates have been at record lows if not negatives for over a decade and the moment that central banks started hiking them the banking sector started collapsing, but it's none of my business, desu

| I think there a problems in capitalism but it pertains more to a specific class of abusers with the little hats
Muh soshalisem sounds nice sometimes if you take those into account and arent retarded like frelimo or go the zanu zapu indigenitis route
Denmark is mostly an example in everything like anti immigration laws and state business and general guaranteeing of living standards
It sure feels better than getting 5k a month and seeing it all be pissed away in all sorts of expenses

| In the end the truth comes down to your own retarded ass with your 2 hands look at all those bitches calling themselves communists and they look like you can bend them in 2 with a finger, The workers parties dont work anymore because those workers dont work either
Or they think they do but none of them have ever seen a sickle

| If you aren't a factory worker a metallurgist or a farmer call you even call yourself a commie... fucking hell...
A lot of people nowadays when they're all about socialism theyre just looking for a nanny because they can't do shit themselves and they think it's gonna solve all their issues.
But as always the core of the issue is the fucking americans, i don't care about KS he's some sort of a lizard who merged into human form, dresses like a supervillian and should probably be shot


Well it is now your patriotic danger/u/ to completely shut up about what i posted because we're all gonna devolve into a shitstorm so predictably soon... so see my post as a 100% filling of the quota and let's go do something else...

| This might be a cool idea for a /news/ thread. Code it so nobody can reply to each other and you only see the original thread and when the thread is full it unlocks everything and you can see the ... éinformed opinions"

| Oh no i'm a mess, not only did i forget "patriotic _duty_" in >>947197 but also hit the wrong key on>>947198 for "informed opinions". It's a 8 bucks french azerty keyboard from ebay, gimme a break.

| >>947199 you wrote six posts and the only point you made is muh hebrews

| >>947238

you are a gay nigger and a coon

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