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I am about to graduate college

| I am absolutely terrified of what the job market consists of. Nothing seems to matter? Everything is a vague "marketing and sales" umbrella term and I just don't want to work in that setting. Where should I look for work?

| It's been shit since 2008. You joined a big club. Congrats on graduating though

| Congratulations, what degree did you graduate with?

| I'll have a BA in history and a BA in Political science ;-;

| >>946794 congratulations, you have pigeonholed yourself into being a full-time /pol/ poster

| Make youtube videos about history and politics. Hire someone to draw for you if you can't do it.

| Thus is very possible honestly.

| >>946627 because no maid did it yet.. and because we are posting in /new/.. than..
>Source of your statement?

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This thread is permanently archived