Any other tranny NEETs?

| Holy fuck i literally don't know what to do, my life feels like it's disintegrating. At this point I would give anything to be a tradwife or something just to feel safe in someone's arms. I can't tell up from down right now

| No, get a real job. Don't depend on others too much.

| >>946380 That's just another way of killing yourself.

| >>946381 huh

| post pic and I'll see if I can hook you up

| >>946383 My choice is between roping outright and roping over a longer period of time working as wageslave in this grey mush fucking joke of a world. Either way I'm killing myself

| I think you need therapy because that's just a fucked outlook on life in general and you aren't going to find help here

| >>946415 she lives in a society
do you?

| It upsets me that these stupid trannies are in pain. Like, they're fucking troons but, still.

| Maybe being fucked in the head and mental suffering are linked?

| >>946437 Wow, suffering and suffering are linked. You should be a sociologist

| >>946421 Real

| Real (not fake)

| >>946415 this is true, I was idiot doom spiraling when I posted this

| >become trans
>be neet
>become breedable bimbo

| >>946502 thats what I am but nobody is around to breed me :'(

| i'm technically in education right now but i think i might drop out cause i can't actually go to class. on the other hand my school health care is paying for my hrt. so i am a tranny or a neet but not both.

| >>946527 I am too but I haven't gone to class in like 4 months. I've already accepted that it's over, there goes my insurance covered ffs. I fucking hate existing

| >>946533 well, at least I'm not alone. do you go to therapy? my school has a contract with a mental health service that allowed me to get into a DBT program, it's helping me a lot right now

| why not find a boyfriend and solve your problems that way?

| I've said it a couple time already and I'll say it again: I would breed you if we happen live in the same area.

| >>946698 d-do we keep running into each other or something>.>

| >>946421 no

| >>946527
fucking clown world

| trannies just don't pass. i kinda wish they did, but they never do.

| >>ece2c7 stay mad trooncel

| >>946764
what does that even mean? you only think in meme words, a typical cope

| >>946758 this is a cope, you never notice the ones who pass because they pass, silly. Fucking youngshits

| >>946758 it's ok babe, you don't have to pass. i still think you're pretty. and you look a lot happier since you transitioned, you look better when you're smiling!

| >>946716 we do here on danger/u/ at least. But just for the chance that we actually DO live close to each other, I'm Europe somewere on the baltic sea. And you?

| >>946757 somebody help my boy he's still stuck in 2019 saying shit like this

| I don't really like this, tranny will become just history at some point. It just doesn't fit right to overcomplex the gender's system and pretend that people will keep carry on these made up points.
It'll probably fade into some hobby and nothing more, like it always has been.

| I think that the simple fact that the informatiom about them araises so much is because someone and many others have managed to find a profit form this, thus they want to keep it as a popular belief, as it'll give them an easier way in life.

| >>946820 it's also because the trans population increased. in america, the newest two generations have around twice as many trans people per capita than previous ones.

| >>946827 >also
What you talk about is the reaction.
Which doesn't add anything to my argument beside the fact that the people behind this aren't slacking off that much.

| >>946820 Breaking news: the medical system is profit driven. Also since when has being a tranny ever just been a hobby? You're so retarded, at least make good arguments if you want me to feel worse

| >>946806 America :/

| Paint chip enjoyer spotted >>946820

| >>946820 >araises
polish intellectual detected
opinion discarded

| >>946829 >my argument
bait detected
post ignored

| it doesn't matter. the west will eventually collapse under the weight of all this degeneracy, and any regrets will be too late.

| """the west"""

| >>946910
yes, the west.

| could you elaborate a little more. and before you say anything, i'm not a tranny.

| >>946911 the west only exists inside your head

| >>946845 this post feels like a zombie trying to dig out his tomb.
>medical system is profit driven
and what else you want to say with this?

| >>946845 >tranny ever just been a hobby?
Yes, but some have decided to make it a cult, so that it's less apparent. It's no different than the people who try to give names to more niche emotion that ultimately are just sub categories of the already well known ones. Yet, some think it's important to give as much weight on these sub as the original ones.

| Further more, they don't even just commit in yelling, they even take steps to permanently damage themselfs just to show their convinction on such a miser ideology.

| >>946845 >You're so retard
I can't take insults from something that strives to become some kind of abomination. You're being looked down while you enjoy taking bath in the wild swamp.
My attention on you, was just a talk out of pity, but I now understand that it's just being wasted.

| >>946845 >Want me to feel worse
who? You're so self centered and paranoid, that having anything said toward your aberration will automatically be read as a threat. Oh oh my, I really can't caught a breath, eh? How about accepting of be a dimwit? And just let something more dignified to make their appearance?

| let me fix this as I've started it out with too much support
>>946922 tomb -> grave

| >>946927 Do me a solid and go back kiwifarms.

| >>6bac9f chilllll.

| >>946936

chillll g/u/rl

| fine, do as like. I'll take a period of rest from here.

| >>946923 Relax and enjoy some cock owo

| >>946922 We're 1 percent of the population. How is trans healthcare some uniquely profitable and nefarious industrial complex? This is why I insult you, all of you have gesturing at the jews making money off of healthcare like that isn't the bog standard for every place that's been touched by capitalism. You think I'm an abomination? You're lower than I am bark for me dog boy

| being focused on a single point doesn't make up for the whole internal and external situation. you see only what you care about, you play on your dynamics and keep going on that single direction.
that's just the attitude of an newborn but at countrary, I seems to be under the impression that someone has decided to make a mastery in this. I won't really bother to be messing with whatever is living in your mind as a curse for your status.

| here a gift you funny talker. I can't believe someone would be using their erp skill as weapon, yet fail to make something decent out of those words. It's not connected, so the sentence can simply be more appropriately be redirected to the user itself.

| >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967 >>946967
Enjoy trying to erp and making nonsensical implications just for trying to make up for my gift. Also no cheating, one link at post.

| But I may'll place a bet on your attitude on not being able to resist the tempetion.

| gotta also decorate this, lolololololololololololol
lmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmao, behold the laughing text!


| >>946983 stay away from this place or bad things and misfortune will happen to you, uuuuuuuuh.or how the hell a ghost is supposed to sound

| >>946985 I see the ghost of autism past has struck /u/ again huh

| >>946986 +1.>>6bac9f Didn't we ban you two years ago?

| oooo shit!

| >>946993 damn I was just joking about the ghost bit but if that's true then that makes it way funnier

| time to block this thread

| I dislike how my friends from IT turn into this..... :(

| >>fe8ebf
LGBT population is growing through propaganda and normalisation, it is obvious. The glowies will first increase the number through non-binarity, then BigFarma will sell the drugs. Especially on "transkids", I've seen clinics that diagnose transgender affiliation as early as 4. Or should I ignore all those facts for your satisfaction?

| >Muh 1%
I expect coping at invalidity of data

| Another piece

| >>947035 where's the piece about the 4 year old I'd like to see that

| >20% of gen z aren't straight
poggers, get fucked fashies

| >>947041
>not gay = fashy
mhhm, okay, maybe just a person with a dad figure....

| oh, you've undone my chaotic ending.. I don't mind that.
I suppose there were too many claims made and the number of vaugeness were too tasty for not putting them in check.

| >>947052 where did i say that? besides, fashies are the gayest people alive. have you seen how focused they are on the ideal of masculinity?

| >>946919
so does your gender

| y'all should make a thread for this shit in /new/...

| >>946967
1 percent of the fucking population yet you got tranny flags flying on US embassies, getting big tech to ban everyone who rightfully talks shit about you, and forcing your crap onto everyone else, INDEED LESS THAN 1 PERCENT, WHO THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU ARE?

| >>947057 your tears are delicious btw

| >>947058
says 41%

actually isn't it more now

| >>947060 seriously, "a tiny sliver of the population is getting a lot of things and i'm not getting those things" is not the gotcha you think it is
call your senator or something

| https://youtu.be/watch?v=tKbwGPks22g

| alright, stay mad then

| "stay mad" and "your tears are delicious btw" is not the gotcha you think it is

my gotcha is called from 41 to 50 pure mystery why of course

| >>947055 you didn't really think that comeback through did you?

| Why can't we be friends? :,D

| >>947072 you weren't thinking during biology class

| B)

| >>947035 What are you on about? Waiting times for hrt are insane these days, I wish the CIA where trans positive and handing out free hormones.

Please go outside this worldview you have is bananas, log off, go get a beer with friends or go bowling.

| you're white im guessing

| anyways while i kinda "get it" i have to survive so i have a job now that is actually nice enough that i can be completely out there but i promise you that your uwu fantasy will just depress you. you gotta live, amd uncover your own capacities as you go

| good luck tho gurl

| >>947079 that would make sense if could convince literally everyone on the planet to become friend.
>inb4 but little steps at time?
don't be too naive

| >>947114 not that gurl but you can't expect humanity to keep the "beer with friends or go bowling" going forever. Things will change like it always had been. The thing you call one day may even be remmebered as ancident gestures, too old to be even practiced.

| But there is a point to do. The changes have to be limited and picked with care. Otherwise the entity body called humanity will crumble.
It's about following a formula that aims to be perfect for a stability. Like the legal laws, without things like this, humanity may as well go back to be a wild animal.

| Things like this have to happen and it would be tragic if there were none or they were completely ignored.
If error exist, then some good logical reasoning and objective statements are a must.

| Also I'm claiming the 100th post here! yay

| >>947035 >>947036 >>947037 this is /u/, not /new/. Go make a thread there if you want to debate news and politics. I'm sick of all these anons derailing threads. This was a real problem two years ago, idk why it's coming back.

| I'm >>ac2545
>>947139 You're making a point that does attempt to dodge her clear proofs and processes to make an excuse to derail from it.
But it's not like as if she's started it.
And it sure sure as hell there are claims that can be looked into.
It's about having the truth close to you instead of looking a people following and spreading made up informations.

| But I think your biggest problem is not to have followed the whole thread and made an accusation on spot out of, I suppose your "veteranity" if what you say would be matching with your experience.

| you all should kill yourselves. goodnight.

| >>947150 i'm gonna join the 41% after trying to read posts like these. not only are they arguing over whether or not i should exist, the arguers are ALL FUCKING RETARDED. can you shitheads go to /new/ so i can post about being triple mentally ill in peace without having to hide the thread in /d/ please

| >>947143 >>947144 like this post doesn't even fucking mean anything!! 1000 characters of illegible nothing! i'd suggest you're copy pasting chatGPT outputs in the thread but even chatGPT writes better than you

| idc just slit your wrist.

| tfw the maids were all russian so instead of cleaning up 4chan rejects they're busy dying in donbass

| UH.

i gotta chill.

what i really mean is the schiZos in this thread posting /new/ shit. sorry y'all.

| If you really wanna say sorry go talk in another thread so this one can die already this shit is getting tired

| >>947132
>the legal laws
let's stop taking seriously anything this thread has to say

| >>947189
I think instead I should have just said "lol" which would have been much funnier in retrospect ;^) I love incomprehensibly retarded anti tranny chads it's so refreshing

| >>947183 o don't worry. my only messages in this thread was that>>947056 and the ones telling y'all to kys. i don't plan on posting in this thread more.

| >>947159 Your counter is contradicting itself but, that puts quite the point, to find me fanthomless. But there is no reason to rage over it.
For sympathy, I'd say that you should've just ignored the thread.

| >>947175 pretty charming charaterist ngl.

| >>947190 That's great that you have a retrospective. Would you like to take a step on the platform and make an impactful speech? Such a how things started and the moment of change, you sound like someone with cool things im mind that would be very helpful if everyone were to heard them out.

| Moved to /new/. Be sure to review the board rules. Stop derailing threads or we're going to have to start banning for it like before.

| damn this shit actually got moved based

| Based meidos

| >>947222 >I'd say that you should've just ignored the thread.

| I come to this fucking board because I'm a tranny NEET with nothing better to do but I'm supposed to just ignore threads for tranny NEETs so you can 5IQ-post? get real

| >the thread got moved to /news/

| >>947276
lel raging>>947277

| got moved in the right place.
It is a given that trans topic can become a political topic.
I've haven't done anything harmful, but it's natural that your kind would just dig their own grave.

| >>947276 >>947277 I'd take some word to give you some check up on your mental state but I believe that it'd be wrong to make any reasoning without searching in the internet some links to connect them.

| In this board.

| >>947288 What do you mean "your kind? Motherfucker

| >>947389 what's a motherfucker?

| The trannys already got completely demolished during the wirechan tranny wars, i thought we shared a similar userbase since both sites are frens.

| >taking "imageboard events" seriously
another for the social reject pile
being angry on the internet won't make people like you, buddy

| >>947035 Kill yourself  ̄ (⁎˃ᆺ˂) ̄

| >>947659
Im not angry i am laughing it was hilarious for both sides lel ease up its not personal or seirus bussiness just funny

| christ this thread blew up

| >The trannys already got completely demolished during the wirechan tranny wars

Wtf are the tranny wars, people will have inside jokes on wire chan and ill be like wtf theyre talking about, i wish i was an old fag

| >>947730 nothing much has really happened tho.

| >>946238 lift weights ezpz

| >>947676
Says 51% lel

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