Don't Come To Japan G/u/rls

| Anime lied. There's no traps here. Not even a crumb of boipussy. Just stinky normal pussy.

| >>944405 are there cute gothic lolitas walking around town though?

| Menhera café worth it

| >>944410 haven't been yet, but after seeing it on here, I probably will

| no im here for a concert in a few days

| besides that, japan is SERIOUSLY a fucked country.

| >>944427
seems more stable than 96% of other countries tbh

| >>944429 96% you say. i guess.

| I just want cheap Japanese food ong

| Are there ugly bastard around? It's very important and yes, I'm asking it for my step-sister's cousin's step-brother's uncle's daughter.

| >>944435
Have you seen the cost of living in Japan? You're better off buying Japanese food elsewhere

| >>944519
but bonito fish flakes is so expensive in europe

| japan is rly messed up and is probably doomed but most of its problems only apply to actual japanese people gaijin get a free pass there are xenophobes but theyre not the violent type and as long as you dont try to rock the boat or gain citizenship youll have an ez time also the cost of living goes way down once you leave the big cities

| Japan is a nice place to visit, but you don't want to live there

| i tried giving japan the benefit of doubt on how fucked it really is but as i kept looking more and more into their issues... just gets worse and worse. like it's not just that their "different".

| *they're

| Japan is fucked up because of the work culture, don't live there!
US is fucked up because people carry guns and pew pew pew, don't live there!
<insert third world country> is fucked, because their pay is so low, don't live there!

You can say that to all the countries around the world.

| >>944588 not really.

| japan seems like a sad place. rest of the world looks dangerous

| Japan is more welcoming than you'd expect tbh. The people try not to interfere with you, and as long as you do the same, it's chill. Introverts paradise.

| >>944620 This applies to Finland too, except Finland has a healthy work culture

| >>695ed1
all countries have fucked up flaws. you really can say that about every country on earth. name *any* country and i will give you a whole list of reasons why said country is "fucked up"

this is how i personally experienced japan. it's welcoming, stable and polite.

| I'm gonna lose my mind if I see another person talking about japan in non negative way

| >>944628 japan is a nice place to visit :) cool shrines and beaches and islands eh

| >>944630 I'm going to personally approach you in your daily life, building up relationship, going through hardship together, living our life together into retirement then die before you, just to make you suffer in a world without me anymore

| >>944633 no balls bitch

| >>944635 I got 2 ball right here what chu mean

| tbh people judging japan negatively when their own country is objectively worse are no different than,white colonialists.

everything that has smth to do with Asia and passing through the Western prism is devalued even in an anecdotal way so as to comfort the Westerner lambda of his alleged feeling of superiority.

ever heard of moral relativism

| >>8cbad5 copium

| >>944724 are you fucking retarded. this truly is a massive cope.

| well well I see "cope" but no facts so I'll begin

Main criticism is around work culture in Japan. I'm not gonna lie, it's shitty. Main argument that people says is that japan work leads to burnout and suicide, but the reality is that Usa, Belgium, Finland, Sweden has worse suicide rate. Japanese people work a lot it's true, but honestly they are very slow.

Anyway as a foreigner working there, those negative points will most likely not affect you in an international company.

| not reading allat

nah. you're right. i just hate it when mfs act like japan is some paradise when it's not. they will tout this and that about it when they don't know shit. sorry if i was being an asshole.

| All parts of the world contain things that not everyone will agree with. We all just live with what we got and what is presented to us based on our own beliefs and mindsets. You can pick out 1000 goods and terribles for every country. Not even considering that each person in each country is unique to some degree whether they believe it or not.

| >>944738 >foreigner
>live in japan
Prolly bia, didn't read, don't care

| >>944724 >>944738
you're 100% right but people like OP/this threads samefag doesn't care about facts. they never study the topics they rant about, ever. their world-view is so limited it's basically made up out of emotional reactions and a collective sense of self-hatred. if you're a neet/loser your world-view is gonna be miniscule and toxic, aka a reflection of themselves.

| >>44bff5 Couldn't have said it any better.

| >>944724
>Alleged superiority
That moment when the only countries with literally no problems are all white

| >>945102 >countries with literally no problems
name three

| >>ba2e05 Whatchu mean? All countries have something going on that's negative. Ignorant people are the only ones who think the whites are the only people not having any problems. Everyone has problems regardless of race or gender. It's how we approach our problems as humans that matter.

| >>945104 >>945111
Finland Iceland Switzerland Denmark Norway

| ^ LMAOOO funniest shit I see in weeks

| >>c5fcb3 you can't be serious...right?

| switzerland is the most insane pick out of that list. fucking jackass.

| >>944545 The only truth in this thread.

Of course, if I was rich life would be great here. But being poor I see the fucked up shit that doesn't get shown on bubbly tv and anime

| >>945131 imagine your country share so much border with war mongering maniac that if Ukraine were easily invaded, your country is up next.

| >>945131
mongols aren't white
they have no economy
italians aren't white
they have no economy
they have no economy (being a petrostate is not having an economy)

fucking euroboos, get out of my /u/

| >>945195

American opinions are always safely discarded.

| There is literally no valid argument against my statement except "UU R U SERIOS LOL"

| >>09d134 bro ur opinions are invalid and now you are shadowrealmed into a stinky g/u/y. You think we're arguing for Americans but we NEVER said America is a country without problems. Everyone knows America is fucked up but you can't simply say some countries don't have problems. ALL COUNTRIES HAVE PROBLEMS. Not just the ones you hate you lunatic g/u/y.

| >>945197
>faggy corporatism from gigantic capitalism
>more diversity now
oh you're one of them

retards like you implying we said shit we didn't even say.

| use. your. fucking. brain.

| ngl you know what


| It'd be nice if this was a well mannered discussion about the pros and cons of living in Japan.

| lmao. sorry.

| food is cheap and really good over there, there's half price meal 1 hour before stores close, you can realistically go to restaurants everyday

| Moved for containment purposes. Please provide sources for your claims now. ( ^.^)/

| >>945283 *fucks your mouth* [1]
[1] your mom gay

| I love japan because it's where anime is made and they have many ways to express respect and kindness :D

| We did it gurls! I'm so proud of y'all

| I'm gonna be real with ya, Japan isn't as what it seems from just anime, but if you really want to indulge yourself into japanese culture, we can welcome you!

| >>945283
utter fucking failure

| >>945131 Lol lmao
Finland is a good country to live in, no denying that, but there sure are a hell of a lot of problems; Questionable trans rights situation, racism, and an altright party that's gaining popularity, to name a few

| horrible news

| Absolute garbage thread, /new/ tier thread

| I've seen recent news from Japan, its horrible around there trust me...

They suffer from sushi terrorism, I'm not joking

| There is no escape from misery in a globalized capitalist world for most people. The only way out is becoming a capitalist which is only a question of lucky and becoming an sociopath.

| >>945780 what? are you for real? Shiiiit, that hasn't happened since forever!

| Some stuff I've seen, perhaps unique to japan:
-girls full-sprint running through Shinjuku to avoid to talent scouters
-completely drunk businessman at all times of the day (fuck you fucking assholes)
-businessman talking loudly on the train and no one says anything, foreigner talking on the phone, huge glares

| -some law only rescently revoked that requires white underpants for school (who is checking the pantsu?)
-law that says curly hair in school is now ok but natural hair color other than black? Not ok, dye that shit black
-people bitching about train delays knowing full well it's delayed because someone just killed themselves

| >>b04341
I mean, in france where I am, there's also train/subway suicides, and not long ago I saw some muslim guys fighting to blood

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