Are human going backwards?

| We have 300 anti trans bills in the us, an open homophobe running for first minister in Scotland, UK is more far right post brexit and even Canada is showing early signs of rot.

| This all started with Steve Bannon the heritage foundation, other think tanks and Russian propaganda ops. We where warned years ago about this and the attempts to drip feed authoritarianism world wide using backlash to trans rights as a wedge issue to divide people and push back on other progressive gains.

| rather than sitting around and doing nothing, how about you guys actually start actively assassinating these people.

anyways, it'll go back to, *ahem*, "normal" in a few years.

| none of the shit they're pushing should've even been conceived. people need to start dying.

| >>943682
>people need to start dying
trannies already doing their part
good job now try for 80%

| oh? when i say "people need to start dying" i mean politicians en masse.

| nobody up there is doing shit. they're all slow as fuck old heads with dementia that have no idea wtf they're doing. we need a reset.

| are you talking about the big reset ? That's what those people are actually planing...

| >>943878 great.

| Government going backwards more like, just generally ineffective at getting stuff done related to policy.

If we had the level of political will we did back in the 50s trans people already be in a gulag and welfare for the wealthy would be a explicit law.

| >>943878
An economical system which is depended on infinite growth in a finite universe has to be "reseted" from time to time.
Fascist conspiracy theorists call it "great reset" in order to prevent fundamental criticism (and change) on the system. If they come into power they will perform this reset themselves, serving the ruling class and according to their identitarian esoteric bullshit theories, as they always did.

| Soon after the end of cold war, societies started going backwards in the "developed" countries. The good news is, that this is a chance for development countries to catch up. Especially since russia broke the established rule by doing shit next door and in the global north, instead somewhere far away in the south, like the others did most of the time.
And btw transidenty and homosexuality are different issues. Mixing those up, is already a victory for conservative propaganda.

| >>943973 idk the great reset is an actual plan, the conspiracy is believing that the one behind it controls secretly world

| >>944039 it was just a marketing thing for post covid but the naming they picked was retarded and came off as an optics fuck up that was catnip for moronic conspitards

| >>943690 trans people live in your head rent free.

| They do when they moonwalk

| >>944235 JAH MOAN

| low IQ and shitty bait ITT careful

| >>944112
actually that's the thing, they don't live lol

| >>944252 they'll continue to exist long after you're gone, cope harder.

| but reading the actual statistics...

| we are going forward down the wheel, drifting deeper into the kali yuga

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