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andrew tate

| i hope he gets shanked in prison :))

| ok? and?

| i hope he gets raped before he gets shanked in prison

cope and seethe

| I hope hes well and gets out soon the baldie is wholesome asf

| >>938537 why do you care about some European Slimball. He don't even smoke crack ya niggaaaaaaaaaa

| The people who listen to him either are Neuro divergent 14yo Boys,divorced 30yo men, or insecure discord mods very saddening to see this level of insecurity these days

| Has he been charged with anything yet?

| i know his ass is gonna come out loose *bites lip*

| sorry.

| Andrew Tateos

| Andrew Tate says his jail cell in Romania is dark and infested with cockroaches and lice.

| Too bad for him lol

| why are people so crazy or against him, he's just a boxer

| >>939274 And Sweeny Todd was just a barber.

| >>939274
literal sex trafficker you dishonest goof

| >>939274 why the heck do so many people like this Jesus guy? He was just some carpenter

| Andrew teet

| >>200676 He's very mean and evil :c

| Andrews Tit

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This thread is permanently archived