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Russia’s largest LGBTQ+ organization has returned

| After the Russian government forced it to shut down last year, the largest LGBTQ+ organization in the country officially returned on January 1 – and it’s ready to challenge Pitler’s latest crackdown on LGBTQ+ people.

The Sphere Foundation, which operates the Russian LGBT Network, has been reestablished (though it remains unlicensed) after the Russian government sued and accused the organization of acting under “foreign influence”.

| The group has reportedly brought back all of its programs and initiatives and is prepared to provide total support to LGBTQ+ Russians.

“We want to continue encouraging people to voice their discontent over [Russian government], to make it known that the queer community in Russia cannot be muzzled—and that the way the government perceives LGBT+ people and the way that the actual Russian society does are very different.”

| https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2023/01/russias-largest-lgbtq-organization-returned-government-forced-close/

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| Nobody cares about this stuff in Russia. If you are gay or not, it's simply not important. One should be a desent man (or woman) and what he is doing in his bedroom is his own business.

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| >>938471
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