I'm a Russian conscript AMA

| >go on exercise
>end up in Ukraine
>truck gets stuck in mud
>entire column runs out of fuel
>entire unit runs out of food
>drone strike kills me
>body is secretly cremated to deflate gremlin stats
>family is told I was never there
>my mother investigates to learn the truth
>she gets thrown in jail for 15 years

AMA from beyond

| What?

| t. russian dream

| Lame, actual ruski would of been fire

| >vote for pitler
>pitler grabs your teenage son and shoves him trough a meat grinder, a cremator and pisses on the remains

| Stay mad, pork, lol

| >russia killing russians
>he thinks the rest of the world is mad

| The rest of the world don't give a shit that silly ukronazis are dying.

| I hope at least they give you something to eat for this posting, lol

| >>fe9c94 I cannot wait for Ukraine to win. And to see people like YOU justify the loss in some mental gymnastics of insanity.

Slava Ukraine

| >>938276
you're a retard for being invested in events you have no personal stake in or influence on. visit a shrink about it

| I have very little knowledge of the situation over there. But I really hope Ukraine wins, only because of how much the Russians are shitting up the boards.

| > non stop ukrainian propaganda
> the Russians are shitting up the boards.
Top kek

| >be russian government official
>kill your own russian citizens
>said russian citizens still line up to suck your dick and lick your boots

Pro-government russians are spineless cowards.

| >>938297
our local ruski nazis are probably the most snowflakey out of all internet people. they're so easy to trigger that you don't even have to put the work in. they take the bait 100% of the time.

| >>938277 not the gurl you replied to, but, what stake or influence do YOU have

Can you, as russian citizen/sympathizer, vote or decide to stop or continue the special op? Can you decide how many conscripts get drafted?
Let's say ukraine sign a peace treaty and give up crimea and donbass, do you think your life will improve? The gass being pumped from donbass would go straight to the military.

| >>938423
>calling people retarded
>russian citizen/sympathizer
this is your brain on binary thinking
you, too, go see a shrink about it

| >>938456 So you have no influence or stake just like the rest of us. Ok, I get it.

| Also, I don't call anyone retarded in here. If you can read, I told you, I wasn't the gurl you replied to.

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