I love Russia

| Do you?

| i love penises and awful obvious bait

| >>936507 I like penises too!

| >>936505 I love Japan, Germany, Italy and so..

| You mean Eastern Ukraine, right?

| I love sex.


| Eastern Ukraine have some decent psychedelic rock bands, ngl.

| Kazakhstan the best


what are we talking about?

| I love men

| I love the soviet union. Sadly it's more than 30 years now without the motherland and the entire east degenerated back to the dark times before the great october revolution. Fuck all the new nations and their nationalism and imperialism. And fuck the west.

| >>936998
>muh degeneration
>muh decline
Cope and seethe

| >>936998 That's sounds like a very interesting way of living. It's good to be able to learn and view other ways of life. One day I will visit Russia and see why the people either hate or love it. Just hope I don't die in the process of visiting.

| >>937013
>Just hope I don't die in the process of visiting.
What? If you visit Russia as tourist, there is no problem. But nowadays you will face a lot of complications, for example your credit card will not work there. So prepare your journey carefully, that's all.

| >>936505 i prefer real functional communism, like china, not third world countries

| А где все русские собственно?

| >>937131
You won't learn anything about life in russia by visiting the tourist spots anyway. The cities in russia can be very nice and safe enough but out in the sticks only 30% of households have running water and electricity.

It's a fucking joke and their oligarches stole everything from their people.

| >>a03a7c based tannu tuva tourism enjoyer

| tuva is unironically worth visiting tho.
i think it's the closest you can get to the heart of buddhism without having to visit an area under active genocide (tibet, myanmar) or something similarly sus (like patronizing the hindutva fascists). they have a gorgeous prayer wheel whose scale really escapes you unless you see it irl, which i have in 2016 and i never regret doing.
ngl place is fucking broke, tho not much worse than moldova. which is honestly not bad for literal nowhere

| >>937288 Thailand isn't going through anything atm

| >>937288
Nothing in Russia is unironically worth visiting. Out of all the places on earth why would you chose to dump your money and attention into that toxic shithole?

| >>937792 Are you stupid?

| >>937792 bro, Russian Babes, bro.

| >>937802
It's a cultural wasteland and biologically basic. There's nothing worthwile in russia that you can't get elsewhere, but better. The only ones who claim Russia is a good tourism destination are russians themselves. It's a pretty desperate move too, tbh.

| I'm so glad I moved away from that gay country before I was old enough to have it influence me.

| >the self-hating jewish russian

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