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I want to be a journalist and write about tech and investigations with art to disrupt the current journalism world.

| I want to create a new honest & open journalism platform that interviews all sides I want unbiased center or libertarian free fighting information. I think these old platforms are making things bad for creators & journalism because of the echo chamber it is, institutions need to move on, I want to give a voice to all sides, what would people in all circles like to see from the writers, journalists, & creators that we should put out there?I care & put my heart into my writing

| As a journalist you need to visit publishers house or some organisations what is publishing.. also you will need to follow principes of this organisation..
You can do blog if you would being known enough, but your abilities will be limited and same about publishing reputation

| Most of us wants a de-centralised and open journalism/fact-reporting platform where everyone is virtous and no one is disruptive.

But, how? It's a pipe-dream lol.

| >>936429 media of public service are probably closest what you can get

| >>936513 Even that's on the way out. Take the uks BBC for example been part of a two decade Conservative agitprop which has turned not just the right against it but much of the left as well who are both calling for public broadcasting to be axed.

| >>960285
Freeing journalists from the pressure of publishers does not remove biases in information : it just pushes writers to bias info themselves in order to survive economically. (See chomsky)

Only unconditionnal financing, i.e state-funded info (RT, AFP, etc) would stop that, but good luck getting "unbiaised center"

"unbiased center" is impossible no matter how we try, and "Libertarian free fighting information" would basically result in what we currently have

| >>e8969f
smaller groups akin to how each town has a sports team or local news outlets would have their own views but would let the internet send them to be questioned & believed world wide, a whole new system idk? the social media companies who are filled with narcs & pigs makes the new media conglomerates a system we all should fight against when the time comes, robin hood till then; [OP]: ill be around -Aay Me
More publishers; less governing companies with emphasis on your locale

| I will go into my workplace tomorrow and gather my founders and investors, we will look over this board and youtube; looking at the more modern ways people talk to one another or show a segment with important detail.
our site or whatever it is will be a new way to get news and a place to get all types like wechat but only for artists and journalists - Aay Me

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