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Iranian women have more balls than russian men

| Russians obey the dictatorship like beaten dogs. Iranian women, however, they rise up. Afghan women & Ukrainian women too.

| then why are they saying on our news that russia is on the verge of a revolution and everyone is against war and pitler

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We'll see if "having balls" is enough to bring tyrants to fall. Maybe russians are just smarter and more experienced in overthrowing a government.
And I would recommend women in Iran and Afghanistan to look up to kurdish and armenian women. They know how to fight. I also why you think women in ukraine stand out by fighting oppressors. To me most of them seem be more submissive to "their" oligarchy and patriarchy - similiar to most of their russian counterparts.

| >they have balls
>it took them 50+ years to actually stand up in a noticeable way

| >ukrainian women
you mean the millions that ran away to pl?
ok nafo shill

| This isn't News :( I just want to hear what's the downlow in Glitch City.

| weird thread, if you want to say "i hate russia" just do that yall are very weird

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>Russians obey the dictatorship like beaten dogs
Ukrainians obey oligarchy like russians. They're just lucky their oligarchy is slightly less resistant to liberal values that go beyond "free market", compared to the russian oligarchy. But this is no law of nature. In Ukraine and Russia, politics is similar determined by their oligarchs. They have the power to end this conflict. But none of them will use it, as long they see a way to increase their power with this war.

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>Ukrainians obey oligarchy like russians.
Factually wrong, lol. There are clear and obvious differences between the appreciation of democratic elected leaders in Ukraine and the criminal fear-mongering dictatorship that is russia.

But I guess as Pitler's beaten dog ya'll have trouble seeing that.

| While I applaud your attempts at (successfully) pissing of the russian snowflakes that visit our site, I actually want to chime in on something this time because you aren't being very fair. These situations aren’t exactly the same, and you can’t chalk up why there is a revolution occurring at a certain place and a certain time to individual bravery. All the planets needed to align to kick off the current revolution in Iran. It’s been literally years in the making.

| Yeah, I get what you're about to say. "Russians have been oppressed just as long as the Iranians have". But let's look at the facts here. The brainwashing is more inherent in their culture, it goes back centuries for Russian people to live under an oppressive autocratic regime and to have pride in dealing with suffering.

I’ve been following the situation closely in Russia and have been disappointed in the lack of civil unrest towards the government, but there are valid reasons.

| For one, the majority of the smart Russians with critical thinking have already left the country. Another factor is that their entire modern cultural identity is based on their WW2 victory, an achievement that has made for easy and effective nationalist propaganda material. Also, the people in the more populated regions have a good standard of living and no immediate reason to rebel, unlike in Iran currently.

| I definitely don’t want to count them out, and I hope that there are more sparks to ignite a revolution there. But so far it’s just really not happening. I agree that you really can’t compare the two situations directly, but I would still give more credit to the Iranian people for not being brainwashed nearly as much. Many Russians live in miserable conditions yet blindly support their government, that seems to be the case far less often in Iran.

| Блять, как же забавно смотреть на потуги неруси как-то нас попустить. Несут хуйню и говорят что так и есть.

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desperate damage control lmao

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It's time to face reality like a man, not coward from it like a craven.

| Ля, ля, опять ничего нормального сказать не могут.

| I've met some Russians and honestly a few of them I wouldn't be surprised to thank Pitler for robbing them of a future.

They have this weird culture of wanting to be dominated by a strong figure, Russian superiority and inferiority at the same time.

The smart ones know they don't have the critical mass to completely change Russia.

| Вы должны помнить, что некоторые из тех русских людей, которые не хотят воевать с Украиной. Они вынуждены, буквально под дулом пистолета на линии фронта. Это ситуация «вы или они», в которую их поставили Путин и его приспешники.

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And that's why I wrote Iranian women have more balls. Because they are in the same situation (Infront of a gun) but they still resist for their rights.

Well, that IS interesting, but individual bravery is what I'm talking about here, and most Russians seem to be lacking in that regard. Lapping at a dictators feet like beaten dogs is probably the most pathetic display I can think of, and a lot of Russians have *willingly* adopted this state of mind.

| >>936752 Хохол или бсб?

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Иди на хуй, ватник Быдло!

| >>936870 Значит бсб. Сам иди нахуй. Щас бы против единения народов протестовать.

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>the appreciation of democratic elected leaders
Yeah, Yanukovych was so much appreciated they removed him forcefully through a coup after they elected him. Is this how democracy works in ukraine? And then they got a food industrialist and comedian as leaders, whose governments oppressed and forbid any opposition suspected for being too "pro-russian". Democracy in ukraine is as dead as in russia.

| The west doesn't support ukraine because it's democratic or liberal (because they aren't). They support them because they're anti-russian. For the west it also doesn't matter who sits in the gremlin, unless this person isn't selling of the russian federation to them like gorbatchev sold out the soviet union. Pitler was moderate in comparison to many of the alternatives that were preferred in the west.

| And neither western nor russian politics is politics by or for the people. It's some oligarchs chessgame and "their" people are nothing but pawns moved against each other.

| So, Iranian men have pussies. Now that explains a lot.

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>they removed him forcefully through a coup after they elected him.
Stopped reading right there. Everyone who isn't a propaganda victim(see: weak-willed anti-intellectual) are well aware that Yanukovych was removed due to a impeachment vote by the parlimentary. Even his former party voted to have him impeached. He was democratically elected and he was democratically removed. Period.


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>Lapping at a dictators feet like beaten dogs is probably the most pathetic display I can think of, and a lot of Russians have *willingly* adopted this state of mind.

I can see at least 3 in this thread, lmao.

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