Elon Musk

| Think he's going to Lowtax himself?

| Elon fucked up

| Twitter has never been so entertaining without Elon messing up to the extent he did

| Personally, I'm hoping he takes the Budd Dwyer approach.

| I honestly believe this was his plan from the start, because it's hard to believe someone would take so many wrong decisions in such a short time

| >Unbans trump
>Trump refuses to tweet anything

What a cuck

| Elon Musk is a douchebag, who thinks he stands above the law. Even in the US there are some employee protection laws such as a notice period for getting fired.
On the other hand i feel not that much sorry for the specialiced, smart and trendy silicon valley employees, who thought employee councils and unions belong to the past. Now they learn who really is the boss in this game and get their illusion of flat-hierarchies and hippie-happy rainbow tech employment destroyed.

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