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Study shows cash transfers from rich to poor can increase happiness of the poor

| A team of researchers at the University of British Columbia, working with two wealthy donors has found that transferring money from rich people to poor people in both rich and poor countries can increase the level of happiness reported by the poor people who receive the money. In other news, water is wet!


| Two hundred people were given $10,000 each with the only stipulation that they report monthly on any changes in the level of happiness they experienced due to the sudden gift. Each was also asked to fill out a final report six months later.

Those chosen to receive the money lived in poor countries such as Kenya and Indonesia, as well as rich countries, such as the U.S., Canada and Australia. Each of the recipients were also asked to spend the entire gift within three months.

| In studying the reports, the researchers found that the people living at the bottom of the economic scale reported much higher increases in happiness after receiving the cash than did those living much higher up—on average, three times as much.

People living on salaries over $123,000, on the other hand, reported little change in their happiness levels. The researchers also found that overall, life satisfaction improved by 0.36 points for the group as a whole.

| The researchers also enlisted the assistance of a control group of people from the same places as those who received the money, but received no money themselves.

The researchers suggest their experiment shows that economic plans by communities or governments to transfer wealth from the rich to poor could result in dramatic increases in life satisfaction for most of their constituents.

| Are you for real?

| No shit?????

| leftist propaganda.

| Kinda sad we needed a study to convince people of this, but glad we have one to point to now.

| >>929928 can i sign somewhere as testing subject? poor one of course~

| >>930026
same here

i'm sick and tired of waiting for the money to trickle down by itself

| > British Columbia
> British
Is this the reason why that scientists did this kind of research? Because they were british?

| Eat the rich. We were sold on the lie that money doesn't buy happiness from the people who had money, because they themselves found out what it was to be unhappy.

| What kind of buracracy shit led to deciding this would be a great experiment idea? Seriously who fucking signed off on this?

| >>930316

| >>930316
Are you retarded?

| >>929955
Ofc, to right-wingers any kind of science is leftist propaganda. They rather believe in conspiracy theory fairy-tales - or at least fool other by making them believe into it. As soon they are about being unmasked, they come up with some new opium to the people. Right-wingers pray on the shrine of irrationality that they only can induce through primitive force. No matter if they run after god chosen Royals, Ayatollahs, Prophets or other self-declared fateful Leaders.

| >any kind of science is leftist propaganda
Yes if you are retarded you probably believe this is true

| >to right-wingers any kind of science is leftist propaganda
Yes if you are retarded you probably believe this is true

| I'm doubleposting in your thread whatchu gonnja do.

| >>930736 inject the gay water into yiur vein

| >>930686 just because Trump is only right winger who you know don't mean that they refuse science. I believe that giveaway things free is leftist propaganda.

| >>930884 this dude doesn't know about corporate socialism

| i have decided to be less mean and more educational
corporate socialism means that corporations receive free money (bailouts, subsidies, "covid loans" which are later forgiven) while the people working there get nothing
elon musk received billions in subsidies despite being a "capitalist"
intel receives billions in subsidies and tax breaks despite being a "capitalist business"
saying that workers should receive some money for free is not leftist at all. their bosses already do.

| >i have decided to be less mean
first time in /new/ history

| imagine how much less mean /new/ would've been if the russians weren't here

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