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Ukrainian drunk ADF shoot civilian. Again.

| WARSAW, Nov 16 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden told allies that a missile that killed two people in Poland was a Ukrainian air defence missile, a NATO source said on Wednesday.


HAHAHA, ukronazis are so dumb, they can't even shoot in DIRECTION of the enemy forses!

| But is it the T R U T H, Scully?

| Nazis

| >>929777 if they're so dumb, then how come you haven't won yet? Pitler has far greater numbers. This should have been easy for him. Yet here you are, nine months later, still shitting up an anonymous textboard like a schizo. Touch grass g/u/rl. It was funny at first, but now watching you is just sad.

| >>929841
You forget that now only Ukraine has lost 4 regions. There are air raid alerts all over the country, there is no electricity in the capital (not only there btw) and they shit in plastic bags. Oh, there is also 4 (I guess) wave of mobilization.
But Ukraine is winning, yeah.

| >>929842 where did I say they were winning, g/u/rl? Reread the reply, I didn't say that anywhere. I just asked what's taking Pitler so long. If they're that stupid, this should have ended months ago. Also
>war torn country is war torn.
No shit? You don't say?

| A bit of a correction: it wasn't the entire missile itself, but fragments that spread out from a successful interception of Russian missiles targeting Ukrainian civilian infrastructure close to the Polish border.

| Was there any merit to the idea that it was a Russian mistake and Joe Budden just wanted to prevent ww3.

| >>929777 defense system are following rocket, so is aiming to direction of enemy rocket if it's needed, and even best defense systems aren't 100% accurate, check for example iron dome..

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