Russian missile landed in Poland

| Killed two people

| *Свиная

I fixed your article. It's clearly hohol missile.

| Fucking ukrainians, trying to start 3WW.

| the polish economy is going to collapse by next summer and the government is aware of it (according to oko.press at least)
i would not be surprised if this were a false flag by warsaw or friends

| There are some dumb nationalist people in poland who think putins attack on ukraine is a chance to reclaim land that once belonged to poland. They are only an extremist minority, but that doesn't mean they are completely harmless. The political landscape in any post soviet country is already dominated by right to far-right groups. Russia and Ukraine are no exceptions.

| >>929966
who tf axed?

| >>929966
Russia eliminate her right (Navalniy) and ultra right (Marzinkevich) elements. When they were at the high levels of their fame, in Ukraine there was a little political group that got less that 3% on the election, it was unpopular. Seriously, nazi in Russia had more power and popularity that in Ukraine.
And now is no naza in Russia and in Ukraine they dominate in all political spheres.

| >>929689 they must being pretty lame when they attacked some village in middle of nowhere by defensive rocket instead regular attack to voronezh or moscow :P

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