Ukrainian terrorists were stopped in Belgorod

| They had false russian documents, weapons, bomb. And they failed, only one survived.


| There is no nazi in Ukraine!


| It's good to know that FSB is awake.

| >>929448 >>929449 at first sight i wanted to send informations about radical right wings supporters in individual countries, but i'm sadly busy by research about syrian conflict and european crysis and related topics, so instead i'm sending average russian gov pov:

| >>f2aa99
>Video proof of a Ukrainian Nazi, made by American journalists, standing in the middle of the city with a Ukrainian flag and making a Nazi salute.
>I'll post this funny picture because I don't know what to answer.
Pathetic pig.

| This looks like news that does not have an article attached. Imgur links are not news articles. Telegram channels are not news articles. Link an article to your threads or they will get locked.

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