Iranian parliment voted in favor of genociding 15.000 innocent protesters

| Due to Iran effectively blocking Internet in/out of the country, this is not receiving the coverage it needs.

Most of the protesters are young women, many under the age of 25. Most have done nothing more than protest in the streets, cutting their hair or burning their hajib.



| So what?

| >>929421 Iran deserves to be denazified.

| I'm glad I know of some people who managed to escape that hellhole of a country. They seemed pretty liberal for Arabs, and these protests only further prove that, so it's all the more pity that this is happening.

| dont care

| Genocide is bullying for ethnical/religious stuff. You are really mad dude talking about things you really don't understand.

| >>929425
You got that right.

I had a roomate with iranian descent who moved to iran to live with his father but came back after only two months. He used to romanticize iran before he moved but after returning he had nothing good to say about it. He really matured afterwards, so something good came out of it.

| >>929463 this tbh but instead of bullying it's actual murder. I would sort bullying under persecution.

| >>929463 this tbh but instead of bullying it's actual murder. I would sort bullying under persecution.

| >>15fc62 > >929619 OK murder rape killing doesn't matter. If that's not about religion/ethnicity that means that is not genocide. You can say anything and give different names but murder for political or social views is not genocide There is no sense to create new words meanings

| A genocide is the systematic murder of people belonging to a specific race, ethinc group or religion with the goal to entirely eradicate said group.

We can probably agree that this isn't what the authoritarian regime in Iran is trying to do.

| >"Genocide is a form of one-sided mass killing in which a state or other authority intends to destroy a group, as that group and membership in it are defined by the perpetrator."[81] In turn some states such as Ethiopia,[82] France,[83] and Spain[84][85] include political groups as legitimate genocide victims in their anti-genocide laws.

| Maybe OP is spanish, french or Starvin Marvin?

Is it really such an important thing to nitpick anyway? Fine, whatever. What you're refering to is the codified legalese definition which legally does not include politicide as targets of genocide.

What OP is using is the linguistical definition, which is a broader term that does include politicide(or basically any group) as targets of genocide.

So can you fags stop being wannabe grammar nazis now?

| 15.000 + their friend, relative, and family VS a few hundreds parliament

If the goverment managed to pull this off, then the whole population deserves this for being such a cuck.

| >>929708 Important to remember who has the guns. The Khmer Rouge walked two million people out of their own city to be put down as if they're clearing up a rat infestation.

| Hijab is a choice, amirite?

Inb4: this is not true islam

| So if they run out of women, will homosexuality be the only choice?

| >>929447
Iranians ain't no arabs...

| >>929721
There is no "true islam" as there is no "true christianity". When it comes to religion, "true" is what those who are in power decide. And they aren't in power because of their religion or faith. Religion is opium to the people.

| >>929962 Everything between Iran to Turkey was under Persian influence, and now Islamic. Muslim is too broad, nobody says Persian, and Middle Eastern is too long, so Arab.

| >>929964
Most muslims are neither arabs nor persians.

| >>929964
Stop throwing around ethnicity, nationality and religiosity. This misconceptions by europeans is a major issue with their horrible foreign politics in those regions.

| >>929967 Hence why Muslim is too broad a term.

| >>929968 What would you prefer me to use instead?

| >>929968

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