Russian troops overturn their vehicle on a completely straight road while attempting to evacuate their wounded from Kherson.

| Hopefully they were carrying sunflower seeds in their pockets.


| This isn't a news post by the way. It's a discussion topic like that bus controller thread.

| Nobody cares, stay mad ukrobot.

| Ukrainian gurls be like haha russian doesn't have McDonald's

| seeing how absolutely crummy the russian army is will never not be funny. these retards are getting themselves killed like the 3 stooges.

whoever said war isnt a spectator sport certainly never watched videos of russians fleeing/killing themselves

| Lol, but only ukropigs die in large numbers


| >>929582 ah yes, a credible source, gaming fucking deputy
quoting some even more credible nonbiased fucking dpr telegram channel which, upon further inspection, never told a lie, and never put up ads for some shady ass finance sharlatans
why are you even trying this shit so far into this conflict when its blatantly fucking obvious to everyone at this point how full of bs yall are in every fucking aspect
motherfuckers cant even hit the roght country

| >>28f104
> I don't like your proofs, so I'm gonna say that this is fake
Haha, classic. Anyway, OSINT is american, not even russian.

| >>929682
are you just plain fucking retarded anon

| >>929694

| >>28f104 just let them do their thing, gurl. they're still in shock, reality hasn't set in yet

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