I hate libtards more than anything


| libtards don't even think about you

| rent free

| libtards can live rent free in my head as long as they want, they're cute

| Life's too short to be hating, go out and enjoy the little things, connect with people and take part in hobbies.

| >>928203 Wat to do if I enjoy hating someone?

| >>928504 get help

| >>928504 build more mirror neurons ig

| >>928131 As member of Right libertarianism i can tell you that i hate commies too. You are welcome.

| Based

| As presumably a left person is calling a libertarian retarded really that appropriate?

| Yes. Yes it is.

| why are y ou so mean :(((((((((((((((((((((

| there are no libtards in my House of Mirrors !!! :0)

| libtards=libertarians

| >>928541 true, beating up minorities is a team game

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