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Nihilism is the best

| World would be a better place if everyone just gave up and -9 themselves

| Yeah, I felt the -9 g/u/rl's explanation is bullshit too. Everyone knows what -9 means :v

| :/ bad post

| I don't like -9 anymore
Nihilism is cringe

| The concept of nihilism was discussed by the Buddha, as recorded in the Theravada and Mahayana Tripiṭaka. The Buddha states that those who hold these views will fail to see the virtue in good mental, verbal, and bodily conduct and the corresponding dangers in misconduct, and will therefore tend towards the latter.

tl;dr nihilism is low-IQ self-destructive cringeness

| What is nihilism

| Cringy word ngl

| >>927175 stupidest thing in existence, it's a thing where people believe every is pointless and nothing has meaning so they can either justify being assholes or have an excuse to not do anything woth their lives

It's peak cringe

| >>927215 *everything instead of every

| is the inevitably of death what you should you live your life by? No, it is merely the final act of the play, the final verse in a song. We are meant to live, laugh, love. and experience our lives until our time here is up.

| I think it makes sense to accept the futility and move from there instead of assuming there is an intrinsic meaning to anything outside of yourself. Camus was pretty nihilistic and he was a baller who wrote all the books and got mad bitches.

| >>927569
I fail to see why the only intrinsic meaning in life would be your ego.

| >>b3ba52 like in a religious god is dead context, and we are doomed to create your own meaning which will be messy because we don't live in a perfect world.

| I think that nihilism is closest kind of philosophy what is mostly describing reality. You can easily get in touch with blank existence of universe for your own happiness, because happiness objectively doesn't exists, it's just subjective construct.

| >>928224
The philosophy that best describes reality is undoubtedly the scientific method. Philosophy is the study of and the attempt to gain knowledge and truth about the world and ourselves. It is a collection of ideas and assumptions that are used to interpret reality. It is “the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.”

| If we realize that the scientific method assumes the uniformity of nature and the Laws of Logic and is a way of attaining truth, then it falls under the definition of philosophy.

| >>b3ba52 And yet how do we apply that truth to our personal perspective? The thing with the scientific method is that it only concerns itself with studying what generally doesn't have correlation directly to the person applying the method.

| Some aspects of nihilism can be incorporated into a strange sort of positive outlook on life. Yeah things don't matter and life is cruel and all, but doesn't that mean we should be nicer to one-another? Sure we can all stare into the void and hear its call, but like why even do that if nothing matters? I'm here to make the most of things and try to make other people happy. If there's no point in anything, just find something to be passionate about that makes you happy, I guess.

| to me nihilism is a state that every person who thinks about life for a little bit falls into. the question is if you stay in nihilism like a retard, or if you grow into some form of existentialism (or stop caring)

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