Pitler cancels big speech and disapears from the publice eye

| A major announcement by Vladimir Pitler was cancelled last-minute for unspecified reasons.

What would have been his first address to the Russian people since the launch of his invasion was tabled for live broadcast at 6pm UK time, but more than two hours later there was still no word of it appearing.

| A former Nato military chief said the unexplained delay was sign of ‘chaos behind the scenes’, with ‘real questions’ remaining over whether the Russian war machine was up to enforcing Pitler’s plan.

Russian sources on the other hand points to Putins declining health as the reason for this absense.

The editor of Russian state media news outlet RT, Margarita Simonyan, simply wrote ‘go to sleep’ in a message on social media.

| Experts believed the 69-year-old Pitler prepared to order a ‘full mobilisation’ of forces and unveil his plan to annexe parts of Ukraine.

The Russian parliament passed bills introducing the concepts of ‘mobilisation’ and ‘wartime’ into Russian criminal law.

The reforms, which dramatically upped punishments for deserting in those circumstances, has been seen as a sign that Pitler is paving the way for mass conscription of civilian men.

| Let’s be realistic. Mobilising one to two million men is going to take an enormous amount of military resourcing.

You can’t just mobilise individuals and expect them to be trained, capable, professional soldiers able to take their place in a very bitter, nasty, high-intensity war.

There are real questions as to whether the Russian army has got the training base.

| We’ve already seen that the Russian army is effectively a criminal, kleptocratic, corrupt and totally incompetent – even if brutal and deadly – organisation and I think there’s a very high chance that a mobilisation might fail.


| My guess is that a general mobilization would fail due to the lack of bureocracy. The lack of functioning bureocracy that is.

| "They're going to announce mobilization, which means they're losing."

"They are not going to announce mobilization, which means they are losing."

Mobilization of Schrödinger.

| By the way, Victory will be our, Zealots of justice gonna Obliterate that nazi scum.

| I can't wait to Ukraine to win so I can come back here and see how many cope

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Try better, piggy.

| >>897226 thanks for always codding your post, we will celebrate when you stop posting your spirit animal in here because you get conscripted.

If you do, please do us the favor and wear your pigz patch, so when you get killed, we can identify your micro femboy pussy and post it on /d/

| wow... they really to mobilizing their entire army for ukraine? Should have just called off the invasion rather than spending more money on an already expensive and losing war

| >>897235 not entire army, this is a partial mobilization. Fun fact that conscripts who are serving now will not be sent to the battlefield zone

| >>897223 fun fact is that when Russia wins there will be much more losers coping in the world about poor western governments failing after throwing countless tons of money, weapons and mercs into obliteration by Russia

| >>897235


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1. It's not like Vietnam or Afghanistan. Ok, maybe a little, but Ukraine is still closer to Europe, which is American territory. They have more incentive to keep it going.
2. They haven't sent their army yet, and the aid given so far isn't even part of the lend lease yet, so expect more money wasted on the hold. Like, they just gave two NASAMs to Ukraine for free.

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Sorry, I'm not ukrainian.

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