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Meanwhile, Russian state news...

| Is now claiming that it is *not* Ukrainian forces that have pushed the entire Russian army out of Ukraine, but that the roughly 20,000 western volunteers that have gone over there have been all it's taken to throw back 137,000 Russian soldiers.

"NATO Troops" they're NATO troops in the same way the Russian mercenaries who fought for ISIL in Syria were Russian troops.


| Twitter link has a video embed from Russian state news with translations, g/u/rls.

| Right, they were fired yesterday.

| I almost expected them to put the blame on their own soldiers incompetence again.

Imagine how it must feel to go to war for your country only for said country to publically label you incompetent and blame you for the sinking of its flagship and the bombing of its depots.

| >>896802 cringe

| >>896698
This sounds like infighting within the government between factions spilling out into public view.

After all, if it's the NATO boogeyman that secured Ukraine, it's less of a loss of face for Russia to back down.

Alternatively, it provides incentive for a general draft.

So either way I guess it makes sense to float the idea out there. Perhaps they were just too inflammatory with delivery for how the government wanted the idea presented?

| >>896681 it's less embarrassing to lose to poles than ukrainians from russhit perspective

| You guys give too much importance to this war, its literally a nothing burger that only serves the purpouse of filling the pockets of banks who are giving out loans to Ukraine

| Im going to hijack this thread to talk about the death of queen Elizabeth II

| You guys are always thinking about her right...
Specially since the news wont stop talking about it.
Whats your g/u/rls opinion on food

| Pref seriously should make a food a channel to fill so you can fill it with dick shaped backeries or food in general, speaking of food im realy hungry gonna eat brb...

| I love sex.

| >>896928
I've literally spent more time thinking about & mourning for a cartoon character.

The British royal family is utterly meaningless to anyone outside the UK.

| >>897022
Yeh that was my point, why are the news so obcessed with talking about a queen's death that means nothing to anyone outside their country, specially for more than a week.

| Breugh. Just read the thread, op makes simplest logic mistakes. State news announced that 20k foreigners participated in the attacks of the kharkiv region, which drove off the russian troops. It was never stated that the whole russian army was present there and was driven off. In fact, there was too little men on this direction, which led to such a quick loss of the region.

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