Know Your Western Genocide Apologist - A NAFO educational resource

| A good reference guide:

A. The comunist
Thinks Russia is still communist, & is standing up for the little guy against the evil corporate west. Has absolutely no grasp of the reality of the modern world. Denser than a neutron star.

| B. The lefty antifascist (subtype of A)
Thinks a country having issues with neo-nazis(as many countries do), means that the whole society and it´s Government are fascist. Ignores polls showing how false that is, & evidence that there are just as many fascists in Russia. Thinks he/she is really clever.

| C. The hard-right
Likes the fact that Russia is quite fascist. Attracted to the ultra-macho, racist, sexist Russian military culture. Hasn´t yet grasped that Russia´s military is actually quite rubbish at fighting. Usually homophobic. Always an asshole.

| D. The contrarian
"Does own research", and "doesn´t trust the MSM". Thinks saying the opposite of whatever Western media is saying is really clever, but swallows Russian propaganda like it´s the jizz of the Gods.

| E. The peacenik
Thinks the war is NATO´s fault. Thinks Ukraine should surrender the occupied land to end the "NATO-proxy war". Brain explodes when asked if they would surrender if it were their country being invaded. Logic disabled.

| What about leftist antifascists who support Ukraine?

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| We need more threads with ukrainian propaganda, just like this one!

| Where source

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| I'm personally attracted to Soviet era as well as elements from post Soviet era Russia due to feeling and seeming like an alternate reality that I can personally watch with my own eyes.

| Why do russians get so deffensive when someone expose the weaknesses in their reasonings and ideas?

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I'd like to see research on the subject, because it seems so widespread. Not *all* of them do- some actually take the time to explain their points- but many rely on "whataboutism" when they can't defend against criticism.

| OP, this post might the cringest thing I've seen anyone write in years. I feel like the only explanation at this point is that you're committing a false flag attack on this board and you're a russian trying to embarrass the ukraine posters by pretending to be them and losing to straw men.

| If you write a post and it's shitty, you can abandon it next time. You don't have to post it. And then maybe I won't end up reading this garbage.

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u mad lol

don't read "cringy" threads and just leave it alone in the future, k?

why do russians *ALWAYS* expect special snowflake treatment whenever they encounter something they cant handle? just don't read the thread lol

| >Starts threads on how to be offended online
War on Ukrain is a joke and the biggest shart of waste of attention since the coof, from the moment pitler said he would do it we all knew he would do it and the only reason Ukraine isn't getting their asses handed to them is because of western support unlike what happened in Georgia.Support which is only being given bc europe realized they could be bank rolling from interests in the ukranian loans.

| >>896885
Money that most people wont see but sure as hell we are paying the price figuratively and literally from entering the war for a country that no one cares

| Im all for ending the war, mainly because maybe then people will stop giving their 2 cents on the subject as if they are geo-political experts.
On the other hand seeing msm only talking about the death of a queen from a country im not even from for over a week long maybe msm is doomed to be constant sharts

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>Im all for ending the war, mainly because maybe then people will stop giving their 2 cents on the subject as if they are geo-political experts.

He said, directly after posting a geo-political expertised rant himself... *facepalm*


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Not geo only political, geo political would be saying europe was a huge bitch at the beginning since they were fearfull of russia cutting the gas pipelines, since europe is in a constant state of energy crisys for closing most nuclear/coal plants and mainly reliying on renewal energies

| >>896896
Besides my post might be against western msm but it not pro russian propaganda either, maybe consider that msm in whatever country might not be to inform citizens but to spread propaganda. I can't remember the last time i heard a reporter do a story remotly close to being objective.
The funny thing is in my country the state owned tv network is usually more objective when covering a story than the private controlled ones mainly bc no one watches them

| >>896885 Tbf while I don't know about the EU, the US hasn't even started their lend lease yet, so all the military equipment they've sent so far is purely military aid.

| what the FUCK is NAFO, tho
north atlantic facefucking organization?

| >>896994 he's my uncle

| >>896995
Shut you fucking face unclefucker.

| >>896962
Yeah but the most probable cause for that is to just fuck with russia, any normal country is like germany where they dont anything to do with it until reminded of the sick gains or like turkey that dont want anything with it duw to the gas/energy and oil prices increasing

| bumb

| Wow, no wonder I don't go to news anymore

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