MLRS HIMARS kill children.

| Militants of the Kyiv regime attacked a college in Perevalsk (LPR). As a result, the teenager died. 6 children are injured. Orphans were placed in the educational institution.


| Western military specialists and militants of the Kyiv regime killed another teenager in the Donbass. They hit the college building in Perevalsk, near Alchevsk, with HIMARS precision-guided munitions.
The building did not have the location of allied units, orphans lived in the building, and refugees were accommodated.

| Let me tell you how high-precision fire damage occurs. The target coordinates are transmitted by reconnaissance, then they go for verification. Western space intelligence specialists double-check the intelligence information and transfer it to the joint headquarters of NATO and the Kyiv regime. There they decide to strike.

| That is, in Kyiv, in the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they knew very well that they were hitting a building in which there were no military men, in which there were civilians. Let me remind you that the destroyed house is an educational institution. The teenagers, by the way, were asleep during the impact (at the moment it is known that one of them died, six more children were injured).

| g/u/rl
g/u/rl you're going to provoke that one ukroposter to make 30 propaganda threads again
stop it you madwoman lmfao

| >>895499 kinda yes, let's just wait if he shows up again

| It's nice to see the rusposters are still making their paychecks.

| >>5bacd1 >>196627
Here you go!

| >LPR
That "country" only recognized by Russian

lol nice source, lmao even

| >>895735
So, if this country is not recognized, then it's alright to kill it's children? Wonderful logic, I hope you will be calibrated.
It's source with videoproof, not that fakeshit posted by one paided liar.

| >>895738
Lovely strawman argument.

Video's faked, you see better effects from college theater students.

But keep making those rubles, only need a couple thousand more for a loaf of bread.

| Tell me, do you misinformation writers get paid per word like Chinese wuxia writers?

| >>895791 real misinfo agents use ai nowadays
not that you'd be in touch with the industry, you probably still get your topics issued to you by telegram every morning lmao

| >>895794 not secure enough. I use carrier pigeon like a good secret squirrel.

| >>895790 Everything is faked, you know? There is no war in border.

| The Russians have been caught faking many incidents involving the war in an attempt to make their cause appear righteous and just.

It's going to require a lot evidence to the contrary and even then we're all more liable to believe it would be an accident.

| >>895790
First of all you should give some proofs that video is fake, your empty words is not enough.
Then, you didn't answer the question, it is good to kill children if they are from the rival country.
P.S.: if you post fake news and get paid, it's doesn't mean that others do so, piglet.

| >>896037
If you replace "Russians" with "Ukrainians" in this post, then everything immediately becomes logical and correct, lol.

| >>896040
Good job, you know how tonmake "no, you" arguments. Like any elementary school child.

I have literally posted Russian provided evidence in other threads that shows they faked attacks and lied about things, and you've simply ignored my posts.

All you've been doing is reinforcing the global view that Russians are reality-denying scum.

| >>896069
So where is the proofs, piglet? I've got the proofs that this attack is real, you got nothing but "IT IS NOT REAL, REEEEEEEE!!!!!". Pathetic.
Actually, Ukrainians are living in their illusional copeworld where they are winning everything, but the only thing they won IRL it's an additional chromosome.

| >>896038 'the burden is on *you* to prove my stupidity'

| >>896106
Understood. Proofless piglet.

| *farts*

| As you all can see it's useless to speak with a cockhole. He has no proof, only lack in education.

| >>e13c84
My man. Can you not read? I literally told you where I posted it.

You're literally only talking to the two of us and maybe one other commie g/u/rl, what's the point of posturing like this >>896165? It literally weakens your position because it makes it seem like you have to attack the individual, you can't let your position stand on just the strength of its evidence.
It also shows your lack of education. Any formal debate course will tell you the same.

| 6 dead children's in ukraine, proof from russia source

| >>896190
You told me that this video is fake.
I demanded proofs of this.
You still didn't brought any proof.
> it's a lie because i don't like it, rrreeeeee!!!!
Cockhole. Cockhole never change.

| Do you have a video of HIMARS shooting there? No. That is the video of the consequences. Based on the video alone, it is not known who it was right away. Investigations are needed. But according to statistics, starting from Bucha and Mariupol, most investigations show that the Russian Armed Forces are doing garbage and then blame it on the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to intimidate Russians and create the image of "Nazi" Ukraine.

| >>896322
> That is the video of the consequences.
Of course it is, since they did not expect an attack (no soldier was there, just civilian).
> Bucha
That fake? Can you explain this?
30.03 The Russians left the city.
31.03 The mayor of the city happily says that the Russians have left.
A little later, members of the Azov National Battalion arrive. 04/02 Ukrainians publish a video of "sweeping the streets" where you can see intact (not seriously) buildings, smooth fences.

| And already on April 3, all the media (first Ukrainian, then the rest) begin to write about "terrible pictures that the Armed Forces of Ukraine saw." Questions: why neither Azov, nor the Armed Forces of Ukraine, nor the mayor of the city said this before? Bucha is a small town, didn't they see massacres in a few days? Why the local residents didn't report to the liberators about the "atrocities"?

| Further, the videos that they show us are of crappy quality (and this is in 2022), the corpses are fresh (IRL they would already be rotten, google forensics), the blood hasn’t dried in a few days, some “corpses” are moving (probably the evil Russians tested the zombie virus on innocent).
And yes, instead of burying people properly, Zelensky left them to rot in the street to amuse their Western partners and thereby get more good things.

| > create the image of "Nazi" Ukraine.
Ukrainian did so many years ago, even before 2014. In 2014 nazis got the power.

| >>896246 why you everytime scream "reeeeee" like a pig?

| >>896393
Nothing to say, piglet? Is this the best you can do? Oh, don't cry, cockhole, go get some eurocopium and play "Russia Lost Simulator".

| >>896347 It has already been proven that all this is a fiction of Russian propaganda. Read Wikipedia, Bucha massacre. The article there is collected from current news sources.

| Additionally, about the corpses: I watched videos with corpses in Bucha. I was just more amazed that there was no blood under any corpse. I even doubted, at first, whether they were corpses. And the refutation was that the blood simply dried up, because the corpses were stale. As for rotting, it was cold in Bucha at that time, so it went slowly. That's it.

| Stay mad ruskis

| >>896435 Tbf anyone can edit wiki

| >>896436
> Read Wikipedia, Bucha massacre.
Wikipedia, seriously? Where they wrote only the Ukrainian version and blocked editing? Really objective resource. If there is a choice of whom to believe: science, which says that corpses cannot remain like this and do not move after a few days, or the lies of Ukrainian propagandists, then I will choose science.

| Anyway, you didn't explained why no one, for several days, noticed the corpses that lay all over the city. How is this possible? Yes, this is if we consider that the "massacre" was at the time of the withdrawal of troops. But the civilians had a connection, the Internet. But instead of posting videos and photos of the atrocities, they filmed only shelling. Apparently the corpses didn't want to get on camera, I don't know how to explain it.

| One more thing. Do you remember video of afterbattle in the park? Where were the corpses of Territorial Defence? Compare their corpses and those from Bucha. Less than a day, corpses were eaten by different animals. And they were in unnatural position, without legs/arms/heads. Meanwhile ALL of the Bucha's team are intact.
Calibrated soon, lol.
Not in this case, they wrote their "truth" and blocked it. And many others articles.

| Don't reply, donate to Azov

| Don't reply, donate money for trans rights.

| This is sickening, good thing russian are saving these ukranian kids by giving them free shelter in russia. They might not like it now and call it force abduction bullshit, but the truth near, they know we save their future. I hope they can grow healty and then help us kill all these western pupet nazi.

| >>9a13c2 pretty sure they halted people from Donbass going to russia

| Guys, guys.
G/u/rls just let it go and remember to nag pref about a food channel so we can make posts about penis shapped food

| >>896451
They blocked edition because of ruzzian trolls.

*Everyone* acknowledges ruzzian trolls and their bane on anything popular on the Internet.

We all know what they're up to.

Denying their existence is nothing but a proclamation of loyalty to the ruzzian way.

| And we all know the pro-ruzzian nazis sole purpose in life is brainlessly sucking out the jizz of the worlds psyhopathic oligarchs. All in the name of "I'm uh nationalist uuuuh".

| Little cockhole piggy trying to troll, lol.
Keep cope.

| imagine taking children for military slavery

| >>897174
>we all know the pro-ruzzian nazis sole purpose in life is brainlessly sucking out the jizz of the worlds psyhopathic oligarchs. All in the name of "I'm uh nationalist uuuuh".

Truer words have never been spoken.

| >make Russian teenagersgo to army
>make them do Counter Strike irl
>on Ukrainian land, because yes
>UA strikes back
>hurr durr they kill children

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