Royal family

| I realise with the queen dead that the British press will never shut up about it for the next 20 years now.

Hate it here.

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20 years? You're being generous. The still talk about Princess Di and she was barely royalty.

| I realize with the jesus dead, that the christian press will never shut up about it for the next 2000 years now

| People die if they are dead.

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No. People are considered dead after their death. During their death they are dying, but still alive.

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Living is a definition made by people for the purposes of defining human activities. (It only got extended to other lifeforms as an afterthought.)
By the proper definition, if you are not alive, you are inanimate - thus not human.
But by extension, you can be dead before dying, simply by being othered by your fellow human beings.

| So what about royal family

| They are fucking weird.

| I would fuck Kate Middleton

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