St. Petersburg Officials Demand Vladimir Pitler Be Tried for Treason

| A vast majority of municipal lawmakers in St. Petersburg (Pitler’s hometown) are calling on Russia’s State Duma to charge Vladimir Pitler with treason.

The decision [to send the request to the State Duma] was supported by the majority of deputies present. Lawmakers in Pitler’s hometown want him removed from power for his “special military operation” against Ukraine, which they said constitutes high treason. In addition to scores of Russian troops getting killed in the war.

| “Russia’s economy is suffering” as a result of foreign companies leaving and a huge segment of the population fleeing. NATO is also “expanding” as a result of Pitler’s war, despite his declared goal being to stop the alliance from growing, the deputies say, adding that the Russian leader’s “demilitarization of Ukraine” has also backfired spectacularly as the West provides more weapons.

| “We believe that President Pitler’s decision to begin the [special military operation] is harming Russia’s security and its citizens.”

Notably, the lawmakers made no mention of Pitler’s senseless motivations for the war, though they had previously sent him an open letter condemning his “historical fantasies” and demanding he stop the “bloodshed” in neighboring Ukraine.

| https://www.thedailybeast.com/st-petersburg-officials-demand-vladimir-pitler-be-tried-for-treason-in-letter
https://www.currenttime.tv/a/mundepy-iz-peterburga-pitler-gosizmena/32024057.html (Russian original article)
https://www-currenttime-tv.translate.goog/a/mundepy-iz-peterburga-pitler-gosizmena/32024057.html?_x_tr_sl=ru&_x_tr_tl=en (same as previous, via Google translate)

| https://twitter.com/dmitry_palyuga/status/1567554655357472771 (The letter sent, Dmitry Palyuga's Twitter, in Russian of course)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Current_Time_TV (Current Time TV is a Russian-language television channel with editorial office in Prague, created by the US organisations Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Voice of America)

| "This is a public gesture, and now it seems to me very important to talk about what does not suit us. We all understand that now the political field has been cleared in Russia, and freedom of speech is under great pressure. But we use our legal rights to interact with other bodies authorities to express our position,” Poluikov added, “In this appeal, we focused specifically on the term “high treason”, and for this you need to violate -

| - security or take some action that could violate the security of the citizens of your country. Unfortunately, the murder citizens of another country is not high treason. We wrote about what is happening on the territory of Ukraine in our previous appeals. It’s just that they haven’t been spread around the Internet that much, apparently.”
— Radislav Poluykov

| Palyuga, Poluykov, and the other letter signatories should perhaps stay well clear of windows, so as not to accidentally fall out of them.

| Did you even read your source?
From the first words:
>A vast majority of municipal lawmakers in St. Petersburg
This is false. It's just a district (1 of 80 in this city).
1 district is against this shit and other 79 is not.
Write the truth and do not create fake news, ukrobot.

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| Pitler is running out of time, and Russians are running out of food and wellbeing

| >>b4c17d
Это не совсем правда. Сейчас никто, но если царь слабый, то его ни в хуй ставить не будут и поставят нормального. Слабых лидеров не любят нигде, особенно у нас.

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| >>b4c17d
Не царь, а Бог-Император. Ты совсем охуел там, где уважение?

| >>894352 Так ведь ещё не время...

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