So now that dust has settled

| How do you think Scotland and Northern Ireland will be settled? If the referendum in 2023 succeeds, will Scotland gain independence legally or will it not be recognized?

| From an economic standpoint I think it'll still be a mistake for Scotland to break off, even if it is with the intent of joining the EU.

| >>f0f92f Really? Because I was pretty certain the rampant underinvestment encouraged by Westminster since Thatcher has left the UK a dead man walking, economically speaking. And its current leadership is even more braindead than the previous one. Scotland would do well to abandon ship.

| >>894034

It's not so much that the UK is doi g well as it is that Scotland doesn't really have enough to stand on its own, though admittedly this is just me echoing my cousin's opinion. I'm an American Risk.

| My cousin is a welder in Scotland though

| >>894101 sounds like the "Too wee too poor" narrative to me. If countries the same size, some smaller than Scotland can do it then yeah.

| Better together have broken every promised they shilled to get a no vote in 2014 and the English government is sinking to new lows to appease culture war bullshite instead of you know helping end the cost of living crisis.

As Laurence Fishburne put it in Event Horizon "Fuck this ship."

| If Scotland leaves for the EU, that leaves N. Ireland in an even more awkward position as that would bolster the morale of their own separatists, even more so that they are farther away from the proper UK. And once they do, the U.K will officially cease to exist as England slowly falls to ruin while Scotland and Ireland reap the earnings gained from being one of the big ports and hubs to the E.U.

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