Kiwi Farms and Action Zealandia got deplatformed!

| So Kiwi Farms just got deplatformed the other day and it turns out Joshua "I named my hosting company Final Solutions" Moon's hosting company was hosting the website of a neo-Nazi terrorist organization named Action Zealandia so they got wiped as well. What do y'all think?


| Good

| the only good outcome is if the kiwifarms users - lurkers included - are lined up and shot
but this is a step forward, i guess

| 4ch probably host worse content than them, why left out 4ch? Weird, unless 4ch is actual honey pot

| Good fucking riddance.

| >>893203 To my knowledge 4ch isn't quite as into targeted harassment and death threats and such as kf, they're just depraved in general

| I wish they had to suffer from at least the same level of harassment they've made to their victims.

Cloudflare's justification is as retarded as KF users are. They've continued providing services to them after 3 deaths made by cowtards' operations to innocent people.
But no, it was fine for Cloudflare, only now they began to threaten others.

This is a good start, but not enough. Justice, where are you?

...ah, checking for copyrights, because death threats aren't money.

| Evil fucking site along with the ones before them like ED.

| It would be nice if it was possible for this stuff to be removed without giving cloudflare a pass for Being In Charge Of The Internet, but I'm definitely appreciating the main result.

| UPDATE: A bunch of other services just dropped Kiwi Farms and the site is now basically dead.


| Didn't know what kiwifarm is until now, and holy smokes I'm so glad it's going down.

| God what's going to happen to the people that live on that site. I mean genuinely.

It goes without saying that kiwi has a bodycount but I really do feel that a lot of neurodivergent and mentally ill people depended on that site for emotional stability.

The nature of trying to fuck with someone was almost religious in some of those threads.

They'll probably just remake it no? Like backup a version?

| >>893416 buddy, you're on the wrong side of the paradox of tolerance

| >>893416 they'll come here, 4chan or their discord servers

| >>893416

Nothing stays dead forever.

| >>893416 will contaminate other sites probably

| I always thought Kiwi-farms was more about laughing at people than directly trying to fuck with them, so when I first heard about this I thought it just Cloudfare trying to score points. I mean it is still that, but if Kiwifarms was actively supporting targeting people irl, than they shit should've been shut down awhile ago.

| Cloudflare did hesitate for a while, to me it smells like the finally dopped kiwifarms just because they started losing customers and money due to them

| >>893416
I've heard that the cowtard master is unsure if he wants that, because he doesn't trust anyone. Not sure if it's just to hide his plans of reviving KF or what, but even if KF doesn't get restarted, cowtards probably will move somewhere else.

| >>893428
Here, where everyone is a g/u/rl having sex, fucking each other's mouth and loving Lain? It's a good repellent for most chantards, for cowtards it works even stronger. They can't live without attention-whoring about being a guy.

4chan is possible (but I don't know too much about it, so who knows), I find discord unlikely as it's dependent on Google and has its own moderation that can ban for what they want. And they're using Telegram already, as far as I'm concerned.

| >>893679 I've heard from some channers that the 4chan admins wouldn't appreciate the cowtards' shit on 4chan, since they try to keep the place kinda sort of legal and all even if morally dubious

| Kiwi it's a fruit, right?

| >>893203
4ch got turned into a honeypot, so the one who weren't caught moved to kiwi. I'm expecting a new kiwi-flavored honeypot to spring up any day now

| Kiwi Farms is still fully operational through Tor. Also, there is no "Kiwi Farms body count"
Chloe Sagal was insufferable, but in his last schizoposts he blamed Brianna Wu.
Julie Terryberry was basically killed by her creepy pedo boyfriend through abuse and exploitation.
Byuu is still alive, unless both the US and Japan governments are simultaneously lying about it.

| >>894651 cope harder

| >>884013 I think you're in too deep, browse reddit like a normie

| WTF is kiwi!?

| >>894780
This is terrible advice for anyone.
Stay the fuck off reddit unless you literally want to lose brain cells to idiocy.

| >>895026
>having brain cells to lose
ok retard

| >>894805 >>894041 Kiwi is a funny bird with no wings

| >>895167 kiwi is a fruit

| I dont like the site but thats unfortunate I havent been on it that much

| I dont know what kiwifarms was and dont want to look that up

| >>895168 No, it's a bird, they remove the head and feet to keep people from knowing the truth. Wake up, here's the evidence.


| >>893203 probably because they sell users information for the fbi

| I've already noticed that these toxic individuals have been popping up all over the internet in less ventured corners. Especially some various "altchans".

| >>894770 cope, sneed and dilate I'm still shitposting on KF.

| >>895813 You can always leave and find better communities never too late to walk away man.

| >>d51fed nah Mang, she can't get a finer hit anywhere else


| >>895813
Is their onion link still active?

| >>896032 I pity you.

| >>896200 *I mean them

| >>895813 I feel sorry for you for having such an unhealthy addiction to a shithole like KF, it'll not be easy but you can stop and become a much better person if you just put some effort into it

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