Hyundai has used child labor at Alabama factory

| A Hyundai plant in Alabama got busted this week for hiring dozens of kids as young as 12 years old to manufacture parts in a metal shop with numerous health and safety citations including maimed limbs.

Alabama and federal laws limit minors under age 18 from working in metal stamping and pressing operations where proximity to dangerous machinery can put them at risk.


| The GOP is really pushing us back decades and perhaps centuries.

| Long life to the Capitalism!

| prediction
>fine in the millions
>criminal punishments applied to shell hiring company
>stock prices artificially dip for a few weeks and more people buy
>no effects on anyone in the company

| >>886113 it won't live long if it's killing the next generation lmao

| How long can unchecked capitalism go on. Surely there must be a point where it all collapses under itself. If people at the bottom can afford to live, who is going to make more money for billionaires?

| >>886192
>How long can unchecked capitalism go on?
As long there is no serious political opposition to it. And at some point even reforms and regulations won't work anymore. That's the point were capitalist will rely again on fascists.

| ITT: the usual strawmen

| Genuine question from someone who lives somewhere far away from the US: how does something like this happen, what sort of chain of events had to take place? I understand that labor laws differ from state to state, but obviously Alabama's laws aren't bad enough to allow child labor.

| >>886254

People get away with shit all the time if its not reported. Its like that old adage- something is only illegal if you get caught.

| There is nothing wrong with child labor

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| >>886256 This is how it is. And companies weigh the cost of litigation vs following the law

| #886192
As long as they can make the bottom rung of society barely livable, they'll get away with it. That being said, there will come a time where the bottom portion of society will be priced out either through gas or some other essential price going up, and reform is inevitable.

| AllObama factory!

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