Pelosi landing in Taiwan with mainland doing nothing.

| I'm disappointed.

| me too

| she did it? Holy shit based- Anyone got a source before I try looking for one?

| Pelosi Arrives in Taiwan, Setting Up High-Stakes Standoff With China - The New York Times:https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/08/02/world/pelosi-taiwan

US House Speaker Pelosi arrives in Taiwan, defying Beijin - AP News:https://apnews.com/article/china-asia-beijing-malaysia-a5a6acc391511c99b1b4c2d69e67b133

| (In all seriousness, I really doubt the Chinese would have taken the risk with such a high-ranking individual of the U.S without being definitely sure they could have gotten away with it.

The Chinese wanting to mantain their image as the only 'China' forces their position to always be at the attack when it comes to the recognition of Taiwan in any capacity, which this definitely does bolster.)

| P.S: For all of you wanting WW3, if it didn't happen because of Ukraine, it won't happen over Taiwan at any rate.

(i am also disappointed lmao)

| looking forward to reading what twitter 'experts' write about this big nothingburger

| Watching leftists in the US suddenly support ccp is blowing my fucking mind. XJP and his insecurities can FUCK OFF.

| You morons expected CCP to do something drastic or what?

| Finally WW3! YEAH!

| >>578508
It won't happen...

| >>886127
I hope it would. We must die in the purification fire! Humanity did a lot of bad stuff, if it won't learn how to live in peace, then it must disappear.

| >>e2d37f I was just going about with my day when my phone was bombarded with the news. US official visits Taiwan, CCP says angery words, nothing happens. This happened before. Did the war panic also happen with the previous visits, or is it new?
Worth noting, though: Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis, coming right up? Upcoming Chinese military exercises violate Taiwan's EEZ *and* territorial waters: https://files.catbox.moe/8s7edv.jpg

| Everytime I see WW3 trending on birdapp i get annoyed af ngl. As much as I dislike China, the dude claiming they would attack Nancy's plane wasn't even a gubbermint spook, just some dumbass political commentor. The CCP isn't that stupid.

| - Even drunken Russian tried to cover up their invasion
- Even after getting a somewhat surprise opportunity and deploy their elite paratroopers, they still got mowed down
- Ukraine willing to fight and prolong the war, ruining russian economy in general
- Invading taiwan would require a greater force than D day
- No large formation of warship surrounding Taiwan
- Announcing threats before invasion
- Taiwan would most likely fight like ukraine
- China Economy in bad shape

| People who think invasion/war would happen is either uninformed or delusional

I did get a good laugh when I see some chinese account with blind nationalism, though.

| >>d6f345
Tbh, Taiwan has a stronger backing than Ukraine has had since they killed the Tsar.

Japan will act in defense of Taiwan, the two countries don't even require visas for citizens traveling back & forth.

The US would *likely* go to war on taiwan's behalf too. Technically Taiwan is still a US protectorate, and even if it wasn't, Japan getting stuck in means the US will too.

| >>886169

| >>886036
At least china is one of the last countries in the world, which is ruled by a communist party that officially aims to overcome capitalism in favour of a communist society. Economically/historically China itself is de-facto in a state of imperialistic monopoly capitalism. Other communist regimes, which mostly were deployed in industrial underdeveloped countries, ruled by feudal or colonialist elites, without having a bourgeoisie being power, couldn't get so far.

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