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So it s WW3 huh

| I dont get why Russia is hitting NATO now. Ukraine for donetsk luhansk, sure but whats their beef against NATO and the entire Europe? Ideology?

| >>882359 In a nutshell: NATO on Russian border = threat to sovereignty and geopolitical interest.

It's been like this for a century now, and to change practical theory of approach would require vast change. It doesn't help that domestically, the west has antagonized Russia (with good reason from time to time i.e right now w/ Ukraine) so quid pro quo in a way.

Europe is side dish to Russia imo, the U.S is specifically the target of foreign affairs and of NATO.

| >>882366 russia is targetting NATO base according to news, what you mean by side dish? You mean the size of the state?

| >>882366 what geopolitical interest?

| >WW3
You wish, lmao.
The powers that be are enjoying their kid-fucking snuff parties too much to let anything escalate to the point where it threatens their wealth.
Remember how Epstein didn't kill himself, and how nobody barring his lady friend ever got prosecuted?

| >>882390 you confuse me ... but i guess Russia isn't putting missiles to asia as of yet and the "global" range of this conflict is, completely within Europe and capitalists nation? Is that what you are saying?

| Source required.

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This thread is permanently archived