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canadas assisted dying law

| https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-woman-facing-financial-loss-of-long-covid-begins-process-for-medically-assisted-death-1.5976944 This isn't the first story like this and the entire thing reeks of eugenics overtones or just outright capitalist death panels.

| I understand the moral argument behind assisted suicide in that it is meant to exist as the very last resort if all else fails and you are in untreatable agony with no means to ease said suffering such as no cures or treatments exist. But under the current system it's been warped into a means to euthanize the disabled and poor who can't afford medicine that exists today and thats all levels of fucked up.

| One reason I don't want assisted dying passed in the UK because while to some it might sound good on paper, under this economic system it can be mutated into an absolute nightmare that devalues life as another commodity and having the state off you is viewed as a good cost effective solution.

| Саnadian law now basically says that if you're dying you a re instantly megastupid.

| >under this economic system it can be mutated into an absolute nightmare that devalues life as another commodity
Dude, this has been the case even before capitalism existed. You're railing against the same kind of authoritarianism that thinks sending millions to die over a parcel of land is a great idea.

| >blah blah blah CAPITALISM!

| >>880648 not mad your mad

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what is this "sentence" supposed to say?

| >>880648 If it walks like capitalism, talks like capitalism and acts like capitalism then it is capitalism.

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>behold, a capitalism!
stop being a loser

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>most articulate capitalism enjoyers

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unless you need a drawing i suggest activating the brain

| Capitalist system is forcing the poor and disabled to opt for state assisted suicide because they can't afford quality of life or treatments that exist today and people's first response is to simp for that system.

Love to see it.

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Feudalism is the ground/land-based predecessor to capitalism. Before feudalism people lived in a so called "stone age communism". Even thought private property existed, it wasn't that much of an power factor that affected other people/society. Agricultural revolution enabled feudalism (and eventually patriarchy) and industrial revolution enabled capitalism.
Learn these basics before talking about political economy.

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Interpreting history and current events from a capitalism-critical or even marxist point of view is legitimate. Instead trying to delegitimate it, you are free to contribute your own interpretation. If you let us know, if you think everything is determined because of the will of a spaghetti monster or other stuff instead, we can have a discourse. Your "blah blah blah" is a childish discourse killer.

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Will you stop feeding the troll already?

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| >>881520 Hanlon's, sis.

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