| >faggotry
>low birth rates
>no national identity
>no pride in being white
>no culture
>no history
>no real accomplishments
I'd rather be a nigger than a jap.

| This is not /new/ bro

| lmao

| but this is kinda true

| >faggotry
No. Conservative culture.
As opposed to who?
Less than a lot of countries
>low birth rates
Yes that's a problem as long as it's below replacement levels.
>no national identity
>no pride in being white
>no culture
>no history
You are an idiot
>no real accomplishments
Everyone knows Samurai and Ninjas. But how about the biggest city in the world, the oldest existing establishment or the thing they landed on a fucking asteroid.

| Note (I'm not a weeb but you angered me.)
>Strong borders
>Low immigration
>Importance of honour
>Ancient traditions
>People like Tokugawa Ieyasu
>Japanese engineering
>Cars known worldwide: Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru, etc
>Wonderful landscaped like Mt. Fuji
>You can keep going on and on and on...

However everything you wrote can be applied to the USA, rightly so.

| Bait detected

| >>871102
> Mt. Fuji
Is it a mountain? I thought that in was a volcano.

| >>871158
It is. Still called Mount Fuji.

| Wumao g/u/rl is jealous of JAV boobs

| Peak japan was sengoku jidai

| >Strong borders
Only because they suck off USA for protection.
>Low immigration
Asian immigration is mostly from SEA.
>Importance of honour
They got cucked by the Americans.
>Ancient traditions
They have none and only a few ancient traditions survived the modernization era.
>People like Tokugawa Ieyasu
He was like a caricature of a Japanese man.

| >Yamato-damashii
There is no "yamato-damashii". There's nothing Japanese in the first place.
>Japanese engineering
>Cars known worldwide
Only because they copied them.
>Wonderful landscaped like Mt. Fuji
Ok it's pretty.
Not worth the money.
>You can keep going on and on and on...
You can't. Because it's not real.

| >fucking kids
>not a problem

| >>871240
yeah yeah your right, they copied hybrid and hydrogen cars just like they copied cd vhs trinitron in the 80's.

| >>871102
>I'm not a weeb btw
get real bitchass you'd suck a jap dick whenever one was presented to you

| >>871255
Lmao even if they made something it was after sucking USA's dick for technologies

| >>871266
Well it's kind of both ways, usa relagating manufacturing and becoming dependent of asian country for everything. If China and North Korea makes a moove around Japan and Taiwan and start mimicking the economic sanctions, Americans will all become amish.

| And as an European for me Americans sucks technology and scientists/engineers from around the globe and them claim it for themselves.

| OP if I met you in real life I would probably enjoy taking the opportunity to break your nose and make you blue in the face.
Not because I think your opinions are shit, but because you're a faggot troll baitposter. You deserve the worst.

| >>871067 uh... so you want a giga straight and chaste society with a high birthrate that think negatively of anime?

Just get a one way ticket to islamic country

| I don't particularly like japan but I don't think Japan really deserves hate. Like yeah, they were imperialist scum during WWII but I think the two bombs the U.S. dropped on them kind of cancels it out. >>871102 sums up what they've done since then.

In my opinion the annoying weeb shit they started is also cancelled out by the fact that none of them want to reproduce. It's like the universe keeps on punishing them for their crimes lmao. It's an overrated country anyway.

| >>871271 >>871319 Holy shit is the Islamic Middle East the opposite of Japan?

| I just laugh on japan, I so rofl because of japan

| >>871067 You must live a pretty joyless life, I pity you.

| >>871102

Hyundai is Korean.

| Japanese culture/society is the most Schizophrenic one I know. They are peaceful and warmongering at the same time. Seeking for harmony but also worshiping chaos. Pushing modernism but also staying conservative. Open-minded but also narrow-minded. Their entire history is as fascinating as it's confusing.

|    ____∧∧  / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
 ~' ____(,,゚Д゚)< 行ってよし!
   UU    U U   \________

| No culture and history, lol. Little nazi boy

| >>871971
While every nazi is a fascist, not every fascist/white supremacist is a nazi. Historically japan was allied with the nazis. Anti-japanese tropes are more likely shared in western/angle-saxon and pseudo/post communist fascist circles.
Even thought they all are shitheads, you should distinguish properly for the sake of discourse quality.

| >>871513
Korea is Japanese.

| >>872096 let's not get that political please

| >>872098 All Korea has managed since independence is treating their workers the same way Japan did and parroting Japanese cultural trends.

It's just Japan but worse.

| >>872857
but the girls are prettier than in japan thou

| 草

| Japan stands for jaded anus penis ass niggers

| >>872938 it is true.

| >>872938 >>873410

| >no history
What do you mean by that?
What is your idea of history?
All of the things you mentioned can be argued for, even if they're dumb (except for the white part, that's just nonsensical) but saying a whole ass country has no history is so XIX century

| >>873464
They are, when I was doing my internship in japan, that city with a lot of korean emigrants had the prettiest girls.

Thing is japan prioritizes cuteness over beauty, they rather prefer a cute comfortable girl/boy than a hard to reach beautifull person.

| Japan
More like
Small china

| Such a bad bait

| I agree!!!
*dies of diabetes from mcdonald*

| >>874230 'murica! Fuck yeah!

| OP says faggotry, porn, degeneracy and anime as if those were bad things lol
On a textboard inspired by an anime style game full of degeneracy and homosexuality

| OP is a cutie tsundere

| >>874314 g/u/rl stop speaking common sense, OP wouldn't understand you

| vovan japan

| >>873565
The thing is I being a weeb prioritize cuteness over beauty too

| >>871268 HAH!!

G/u/rl it's been a long time since I've literally laughed our loud at something on here.

The idea of North Korea being capable of contributing to any sort of economic sanctioning... lmao.

Also China *could* potentially cut the US off from Japan and Taiwan, though it'd take actual embargoes, not just economic sanctions, but if they were to try, it would absolutely wreck their economy too.

| There isn't a polity in the first world that's strong enough to take that sort of stance alone.

Japan will likely always have close ties with the US now. We've gotten cultural hooks into each other and the bleedthrough is only accelerating.

| >>875246
You laugh, but the USAs biggest neocon propaganda media company "Walt Disney" produces in the DPRK.

| >>876061

Lol I had to look this up:


At one point they had a movie that took place in North Korea, but it was shot in New Zealand. It was called "The Escape."


Disney states they didn't authorize the use of their characters when they made an appearance during a celebration.


But apparently Kim is a fan, and supposedly his brother snuck into Japan once to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

| So, no, Walt Disney doesn't produce in North Korea. But they certainly enjoy Disney, like other countries.

| >>f3e0a6
I think >>876061 wasn't referring to producing in a legal sense and/or for the DPRK, but about offshoring actual animation work to the DPRK.
The so called "Scientific and Educational Film Studio of Korea" (SEK) was doing work for some productions of western animation studies - including walt disney (i.a. the mermaid, lion king, pocahontas)
but also another prominent USA icons: The Simpsons and futurama movies

| However, now those activies from US (and other western) companies aren't possible anymore because of a new set of sanctions from 2021. At least not directly. Because it's not so easy to trace back a production path in global bubble company networks.

| Meh. Losing that international income would hurt NK more than it would the US.

| Also remember that any trade predictions based on information from the 90s or older is practically useless now, particularly for trade that cam be transmitted fully digitally, like animation.

Disney could literally hire Mongolian animators to do the work from yurts if they wanted to and still get it in a reasonable timeframe.

| Japan is cute in anime but early they was fcking Hiltler's friends

| Japan is h*mosexual and n worded! I can't wait until the u.s. lets them have an army again and then they try the whole imperialism thing again so that I can have a country to hate again. I hate anime it is a cancer to our society.

| Once I was talking to my weeb friend and he was telling me about this "funny" comedy anime called kissxkiss and he was laughing as he told me about a "comedic" scene where it is implied that the self insert protagonist gets raped by his sisters while asleep. My weeb friend definitely has an incest fantasy and I'm pretty sure that it has been fueled by anime.

| >>876987 >>876959 based
>>876986 cringe

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