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| I've seen a lot of posts about g/u/rls who are Filipino. Do any other filipino g/u/rls want to become nationalists with me??

| No

| actually i'm starting to realize how weird this sounds

| >>870869 in minecraft

| drugs are bad

| wait were the katipunans against weed

| OP is a fucking NBI glowie. Which might be giving too much credit to the NBI honestly.

| Pinoys Duterte destroyed drug trade in Phillipines, I'm waiting on you all to resume that kind of big balls attitude when it comes to fixing the rest of your country.
As long as pagpag is a thing the pinoys have not won.

| >>870922 do you really think glowies would give a shit about a site like this
>>870956 what is pagpag

| If no one wants to larp as nationalists does anyone want to larp as religious people from the bible belt

| >>870956
Pagpag is dope as fuck, you basically get a mini-feast after a wake. Also since when did we allow DDS on this site. Get off here you fucking moron.

| Pagpag is the Tagalog term for leftover food from restaurants (usually from fast food restaurants) scavenged from garbage sites and dumps.[1][2] Pagpag food can also be expired frozen meat, fish, or vegetables discarded by supermarkets and scavenged in garbage trucks where this expired food is collected.[3] The word in the Tagalog language literally means "to shake off the dust or dirt", and refers to the act of shaking the dirt off of the edible portion of the leftovers.

| >7fd45f: [eating out of a trash can] is dope as fuck, you basically get a mini-feast after a wake. Also since when did we allow DDS on this site. Get off here you fucking moron.
>>7fd45f eats out of garbage dumps and thinks it's so cool, also calls me a fucking retard, isn't it outlandish? Somehow I am not moved by the insults of a person that's at such a low level of being.

| >>870972 Yall eat fucking trash?? my parents never told me about this. i don't want to larp as a filipino nationalist anymore

| >>870971 no wonder yalls life expextancy is so low

| >>870983
Nationalism is wanting to make your country better
If you wanna fix this shit there's some nationalism in you

| >>870987
>Nationalism is wanting to make your country better
Only for those who actually own the country. Most people don't own the country they live in. Like religion and racism, nationalism is opium to the people. The proletarian masses have no country they can loose. They will only be free if they unite internationally. Else they continue killing each other in the pointless wars, created by their bourgeois masters. For god(s), nation(s), race(s) and other lies.

| >>871068 based comrade

| >>870972
So "Pagpag" is actually the foundation of what any food industry makes their products of, but without fancy packaging, annoying ad campaigns and flavour enhancers from the laboratory? And it's for free? Maybe they're just ahead of our time...

| >>a2c7d0
stop baiting faggot

| >>870974
Being a DDS is pretty much being a Stalinist given how much people he's murdered for what ends. He's a corrupt son of a bitch, a coward, and yet he left innocents' blood in my streets.

Also way to put words in my mouth. It is also a term used for going somewhere different after a wake or funeral to make sure that spirits don't follow you home.

It's a generic word. If you've got shoes with mud on the sole, you make pagpag to get it out. You make pagpag your laundry too.

| >>871290
Yeah, and I think he did well. You can keep your "feel-good" mushiness or actually try to solve problems. And newsflash loser, if you're in deep shit you gotta break some eggs to fix the issue.
That's the tough path towards betterment, and you couldn't come up with an alternative that actually works.
Examples all over the world of this

| 230 is a bitch for putting bounties on drug pushers. I don't live in the country but I've heard that filipino cops will plant drugs on the bodies of people they've killed and collect bounties for it, no matter the circumstance. My parent's would tell me about how the cops over there are basically gangs, so I guess it's not so different from the issues we have over here in the U.S.

| >>871372 But if we are going to be nationalists could we be Katipunan nationalists? I think the KKK abbreviation is funny, and it was my main motivation for starting this thread.

| >>871082
stop resisting class struggle, maggot.

| >>871301
We've lost more territory to the CCP under him, we lost countless lives and millions of pesos during COVID due to his corruption and idiocy, and he created enough propaganda to get BBM elected again. Worst of all, his actions in his War on Drugs aren't effective. Majority of people I know have only increased their drug usage since his presidency. His stats are fake.

He has only reduced crime through a cult of fear, and the Marawi response is owed to the AFP, not him.

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