Islam makes people mentally ill

| I've noticed it when I lived in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. It is the only religion on Earth that encourages its followers to murder and assault.

| Yeah, religions should not be excusable of being criticized and doubted.
Especially when they have some ambigous words about things that can be interpreted in a extreme/violent way.

| Catholicism is also retarded

| Throw out every abrahamic one tbh they're all lame

| Muslim hating jews, christian, and pretty much any other belief:
>Bruh, that's what written in our holy book.

Other people hating/criticizing islam:
>REEEEEE how dare you!!! That's racist and islamophobe! Stone and behead them, show how peaceful our religion is!

| >>870569
Fukken beizd.

| >>868260 Sure smells fash around here.

| >>870639
Ooh yeah. It's great, smells like strong men, uniforms, gunpowder and iron. Fucking turns me on tbh.

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You should check out some albums this Finnish guy named Tom made

| >>870871
Why do you know this

| Every Abrahamic religion is based on the fear of hell. Every follower is a kiss up who wants brownie points from god.

My favorite piece of rhetoric from them is the idea that you cannot be moral without religion. The blind fucks.

I hate catholicism, judaism, and muslims, in that order.

| Hate every believer, bcs u see 1-2 bad guys... U are 12 years old?

| >>871071
You write like you're not much older

| The only ones who believe that islam is especially different from other religions are islamists and anti-islamic fundamentalists (which are mostly diferent kind of white supremacists but also hindus)
Conscious people know, that all religion is nothing but opium to the people.

| >>871087
All religions are intended to teach the basic rules to function in society to children. You're meant to grow beyond them. The only reason catholicism & judaism are better than islam is because they've had their movements where people got together and pointed out how stupid some of the rules are and splintered successfully. So followers are aware that what they believe isn't guaranteed to be right.

| >>871285(cont)
Islam, on the other hand, is stuck in pre-reformation times on a global scale. The leaders of their faith use modern communication technology to insure any divergent sects get silenced before they grow too loud, while insuring their fundamentalist message is heard as the message of the faith in general.

And yes, there certainly are mosques and sects that diverge anyway, but they aren't capable of growing a voice against the louder international crowd.

| If you'll remember a decade or so back the shah of Kuwait was talking about why Kuwait isn't as prosperous as western nations, and he was talking about how they have a habit of ending their work day by 2 in the afternoon, while in Germany or Britain he'd see most people still at work until 5 or 6 pm when he visited.

He got a lot of hate from his own nation and surrounding nations for something as simple as that. Not even changing any religious values, just asking them to work more

| >>871087 I agree with you until I realize that no other religion punishes people who left the religion with death penalty.

Also, no other religion has a law about covering up all female and dictate that woman must be accompanied by their male guardian when leaving their house.

| >>871334 fundamental mormonism. Scientology. Orthodox judaism to a lesser extent.

| In my opinion, the most faulty religion among all religions is Judaism, and Islam is at least as faulty as it is. What, are we slaves for the Jews or should we use Islam, which is in accordance with the traditions and customs of the Arabs in the 600s, just because we will go to God's paradise?

| >>871365 they're the same religion.
And regardless, they teach that you should act in hope of a reward, like a dog with a treat.

| The idea that any religion could ever divine the actual truth on the nature of reality beyond the veil of our universe and mortality is peak human arrogance

There's two kinds of religions - fairy tale folklore and authoritarian cults. Pretty much all of them are one or the other

| >>871380 Christians, Jews, and Muslims are all dogs confirmed

| >>871423 New slur!

| >>871424
Maybe wait until your id changes before you go patting yourself on the back like that. Also calling someone a dog isn't new.

| I don't know any religion not being "the only one" and claiming that "all the others are wrong", using it as an excuse for violence... Maybe there are a few that I forgot.

| >>871285
>they've had their movements where people got together and pointed out how stupid some of the rules are and splintered successfully.
As fascist and (pseudo)communist regimes illustrated: Those movements didn't help. People don't need imaginary friends to justify oppressing and mass-murdering others. Protestants may have questioned the pope, but also came up with chauvinism and puritanism. The bourgeoisie questioned the reign of feudal nobility but not the capitalist class.

| >>871287
Not only islamic leaders and muslims are responsible for the current state of the islam. Also non-islamic powers played a big role in opressing progeressive/reformist movements in the "islamic world" while pushing religious extremists. The british did with the saud and pakistani, the germans with the ottomans. The USA basically created the taliban to fight the soviets. Even the IS was pushed by western allies (such as turkiye) to fight at least secular regimes/movements.

| 20th-21st century islamic fundamentalism is mostly an export product from non-islamic countries.
I forgot Indonesia, where the CIA pushed islamists to get rid of (potentially) pro-soviet movements.

| >>871288
The most hard working people in germany and britain aren't originally germans or british. The really shitty jobs are made by immigrants - including muslims. Most factories where the working class comes from was offshored long ago. In western industry nations most people that actually work, are in the (bad paid) service and care sector, which lives from some industrial production but mostly financial and trade business reliying on mental property and cheap resource import.

| >>0f2f26
He's the pseudofaggot who thinks he knows what he's talking about...

| >>872095
You're the maggot who only knows the word faggot and believes it's an insult.

| >>872107
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| Judaism criticism thread when?

| >>872249
All desert books bad.
Except Yezidi.

| Idk Ive read the Quoran and is better than The Bible and the Torah by far

| >>872664 I diagnose you with blindness and stoopid

| Is this what the decline of the west does to a g/u/rl?

| Abrahamic religions restrict freedom the most of all religions

| >>872976
I mean... traditionalist Hindu includes social casts. So it's a bit worse there.

| Allah Akbar!

| >Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people
Karl Marx, Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right (1843)

| 19th-21th centuries Islamism is a very special child of capitalism. In the beginning it was pushed by competing imperialist western powers (GB, Germany and France) and later by anticommunist powers (led by the USA) to fight potentially and partially successful pro-soviet movements. The biggest success of this strategy was the victory about the soviets in Afghanistan, which was a main trigger for the USSRs collapse. After cold war Islamism got a little bit out of control.

| Todays islamism is a brain child by the same conservative/right-winged shitheads in the west that now complain about "islamization". This kind of islam criticism from western conservative, nationalist and racist movements cannot be taken intellectually serious. It just serves as distractor from their very own retarded and rotten world-views and society ideals.
Islam criticism as part of a general religion/ideology criticism is way more honest and trustworthy.

| >>873299
Nothing you have said is wrong.

But does any of that change the fact that it is currently the most fundamentalist religion in the world?
Or that it's successfully adopted modern communications technology as a way to prevent evolution of doctrine?
No one using this site was even conceived when the afghan war happened. While it is good to note what led to the changes in the past, it's pointless to blame existing generations for it, that way leads only to an endless cycle.

| I think people should take a hard look at the Christian right in America before getting off on bashing other religions.

The damage they've done to Western democracy, funding the gender critical cult, anti lgbt causes, regressive witch hunting movements in Africa[seriously look it up] and bring a massive voting bloc set up in the 70s to push thier interests in the us government.

well maybe Jared Leto's cult too that one seems metal

| I don't think any religion is bad, but I do think religious extremism is toxic. What makes radical Islam an issue is that many people (especially in th West) don't call it out for in fear of being labeled racist.

| To be fair, extremism with anything is bad

| >>873299 what the fuck? That trolling or just conspiracy theory?

| >>873820
No, it's historical facts.
How do you measure the fundamentalism level of one religion? Is there any index/research to back up your statement? Why do you think it makes sense to distinguish islam from other religions and sects? How do you distinguish it without reproducing fundametalist islamist ideas ("umma")? Aren't there some more important problematic things that islamic communities have in common with other religions/sects than with each other?

| >>873727
>What makes radical Islam an issue is that many people (especially in th West) don't call it out for in fear of being labeled racist.
This isn't an issue of radical islam but of western societies where white supremacist/nationalist groups massively use "islam-criticism" successfully to sell their own stupid racist world view to low educated people. It's no intellectual accomplishment to recognize radical islam as harmful. The challenge is to differentiate and evaluate it.

| >>873822 Islam is child of capiyalisn... Nah, that rly conspiracy theory about Obama(lol)

| Cirno fumo

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