Consumerist capitalism is great!

| This is because the economic leadership works with the assumption that the average worker's expenses include routine consumerist expenses. So they have to adjust all other factors of economic strain in order to make the overall result viable for the citizen.
But here's the kicker to the story:
1. Freeters like us _can_ work wagie jobs and they actually pay for what we need
2. We all live with our mommas or in some shit 2² apartment anyways
3. No, we don't need to buy shit!

| NEETS are minimalists because they know just how much they need. As long as you suffer the delusion of desire your expenses start to rack up and the corresponding labor/salary pressure proportionally with it. The more you own, the more rent/taxes you pay and the more you have to scramble to pay them.
But with these expenses factored out there is no such problem. The NEET is creative, coming up with such solutions as using VR to expand his horizons.

| So living as a minimalist is not a problem. We now live in an age so much better suited to the NEET, you can now work exclusively online for example.
The rest of the workforce which remained axed on consumerist capitalism that is now in charge of creating economic value since the person that has dropped out of it isn't producing much of anything anymore.

| So while they wrestle around with their hectic lives, which sure, are sometimes rich and a fucking dream, they are getting slowly debased because people are figuring this shit out and dropping out of the rat race.
This as a mass phenomenon is sure to change the way our societies work.

| Thus I see 2 likely scenarios in the future:
1. The government steps in to regulate and adapt to the situation, which theoretically would probably be possible
2. The market crashes, the housing market goes to shit, unemployment goes crazy and being a NEET/freeter will be much tougher in the future
However for now, the practice of Tǎng píng is the best solution for the modern world's NEET.

| If you lower your assets & expenditures, as much as you can, you can just get some half-assed wagie part time job and have it actually be a viable spending plan. For the rest, businesses and companies will be in charge for creating the wealth your country needs to be looking at in order to not hit the red button that would screw up our lives again in the name of economic recovery.

| Your life is on the computer anyways. What else do you need? A Yacht you can pay a grand of taxes on? Get real. Don't be a white collar's beta orbiter.
In capitalism, every time you buy anything, you vote for the kind of world you want to see. Remember that and go Tǎng píng.

| >We now live in an age so much better suited to the NEET, you can now work exclusively online for example.
i hate it here

| >>867501
My statement is true. The option to work online wasn't available before the internet. So the world of now is better to the NEET than it was back then judging from the simple fact that such a thing is possible now in this economy. Extrapolate a bit!

| >>867504 correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the term NEET used for people that don't study, aren't employed and don't intend to ever o those things?

| >>867520
>don't intend to ever o those things
And here's where you're wrong

| >>867520 not necessarily. It isn't included because it's implied, but the acronym is more like Not (Currently) in Employment, Education, or Training. It's just those who don't plan on doing any of those things become more familiar with the term, so you see more usage from those types who wear it as some sort of badge of honor, sort of like incel.

| OP is based.
Neets are the future!

| OP you cast shame upon me and my ancestors by calling yourself a NEET. earning money disgusts me

| no matter how much it is. the point is to escape the "debt to society" everybody I meet wants me to pay off; finding a way to do it comfortably is surrender.

| Sorry, but I don't see any difference from what OP described as "consumerist capitalism" and the current state of things.

| And it sucks.

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