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Russian politician demands an end to Pitler's war in a rare protest at a local parliament meeting

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBEbykecqRk

If he speaks up publicly, it's most likely because Pitler's position is weak.

This is clear evidence that Pitler can't control the narrative in his country. The individual speaks truth, the longer this goes on, the worse it will be for Russia. Ukraine will succeed in protecting its country and people, and then it will get help rebuilding but Russia will not.

| At this point, how I see things it will be an eventuality that some political shift will happen in Russia. Not now, obviously, maybe in the future.

Ukraine as long is keeps up will forever be a mark on Pitler's political power. There's only so much reconstructed war goals/propaganda tactics he can use before they mean absolutely nothing.

| How Ukraine can win if they did 4th mobilization and Russia did not?


| >>865641 I can't believe I'm going to say this:

This is straight up Russian propaganda based of a game that is either directly anti-war, has anti-war themes, or straight up a SENATOR who talks about re-writing world order for the main benefit of his country.

Ladies and Gentle, MGR used as propaganda to push a war. We are in ouroboros.


| >>865715 It's an interesting thing. You used Google translate or something else?

| >>866405 the video is in a scuffed English-Russian from what I remember, but then again, I clicked on the link at 9pm. But you can still infer without much issue on the context of the video and it's intent.

| >>866415 There is no English in this video. Are you talking about subtitles?

| >>866587 Probably then. If I got anything wrong, just keep me updated with the posts.

| Рutin

| >>867049
Here, Mr officer! This russian scumbag is right here!

| It is funny that you are afraid of Рutin. It is not him that you should beware, he still want to resolve all that shit in diplomatic way (in fact he waited for 8 fucking years!).

| Beseech the gods with your prayers and beg them that Iron Dimon does not come to power. Once he was president, and in the first year of his reign, he crushed Georgia in five days (according to other sources, in two weeks).
He is not like Рutin: "russians and ukrainians are brothers". He is "they are enemies and they must be destroyed, just like anyone else on our way".

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| >>867406
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