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Russia Claims WW3 Has Started

| Pitler crony Olga Skabeyeva proclaimed on Russian state TV that the Gremlin's "special operation" in Ukraine has come to an end and "World War Three" has begun.

Olga also highlights that this is an ongoing conflict against NATO and that Russia are "forced" to demilitarise all of NATO.

| Russia have suffered heavy losses in its "ongoing conflict against NATO". Total losses of the Russian occupiers are as of May 31:

personnel - about 35 000 (+150)
tanks - 1358 (+9)
APV - 3302 (+20)
artillery systems - 649 (+6)
MLRS - 207 (+2)
anti-aircraft warfare systems - 93
aircraft - 208 (+1)
helicopters - 174
UAV operational-tactical level - 515 (+8)
cruise missiles - 120 (+2)
vehicles and fuel tanks - 2275 (+17)
warshiprs / boats -13
special equipment - 48

| Total losses of NATO forces as of May 31:

0 - They haven't even showed up yet.

| https://metro.co.uk/2022/05/31/russian-state-tv-claims-world-war-three-has-already-begun-16740135/




| >>ad1f56
>le word collapsing
>walking down an alleyway
>see anime girl with a gun asking you to join the army

| >>865076
>see poster hanging at the entrance of a local supermarket
>the poster is of a cutsey anime loli character in military gear pointing at you
>text reads "We want you uwu"

| >>ed6d8e >>835a98 LMAO HAHAAH oh god.

| Okay, I've spent too much effort into this, but here I go.

A flash fiction story by the op who suggested pin-up waifu posters:

Title: Dreary Sky and Cold Metal

>It's the dead-middle-of-nowhere with brazen colds with what remains of the earth.
>The boiling of water and a fiesty fire is what remains of a small squad somewhere between France and Spain, although the men couldn't really tell because of what happened.

| -
>"A MEANS TO AN END" was blasting on the banged up radio receiving a broadcast from a western radio tower, somehow still working.

>The nukes went off 2 weeks ago, and the world within the blink of an eye stopped moving. No one expected it to happen.

| -
>"A bluff. Only weak nations call bluffs like those."
>"Like Russia?"
>"I'm sorry, it's- you know."

| -
>The water boiling makes me feel safe drinking it, but I honestly don't know how much I can trick myself before the reality crashes in.

>I start to remember when 5 years ago before my service to the western alliance coalition against the eastern-asia united front when the conflict was only just Ukraine, and then president of Russia Pitler had declared "WW3 had started".

>I was boy, 18 years of age.
>I am 23, and still a boy. Not a man like the world needs me.

| -
>There's movement outside where deep trenches of snow are, and I'm the only one who hears it, at least for now.

>It's probably some poor citizen who has nothing left unlike us, but even then with what little we have we can still share no issue.
>The rest of my squad hears what I've been picking up now.

>We look at each other and we share the same idea of what's probably out there.
>Still, we signal just in case, and watch from afar.

| -
>A person's silhouette is seen within the afar distance of snow and crackling snowflakes
>"Hot Pocket" caries his gun to a defensive position and we decide to approach, covering one another little by little.
>We wait now.

| -
>We signal "Hot Pocket" to keep focus and that we're staying put.

>"Hot Pocket" signals back 'Understood' and we stay firm within the snow.

>"Is that... hair?"

>'W-what?' "Spots" doesn't know what to say apart from his confused-angry-complicated demeanor I can't figure out.

>Less than 500 meters, we can identify more clearly what this 'person' is.

| -
>"Hear me ou-"

>"Maybe the Jap-"

>"It was on the radio that they were going to test it- I mean, everyone knew but couldn't do anything as who was going reinforce ethics now?"

| -
>"Hey, remember that one time I said to expose every inch of you, to every single one of your squad mates so that we knew 100% who and what you and I are going to deal with, probably for damn ever?

Welp, "Scotch" and "Metro", here's your damn chance to not only embarrass yourself, but to maybe prove to us that what you watch is actually worth watching."

| -
>'Go.' is what "Spots" commanded. And so we went.

>"Metro" looks at me with stupid bemusement but slow inching terror. I think he finally realized why I wasn't smiling with childish excitement when we both figured out what "Spots" and "Tea" were implying.

| -
>It's terrifying. It's not human. We can pretend and say "Oh I wish X was real" or "Man wouldn't it be so cool to have X with you" but those times were different. We didn't have the imagination of the past huant us in combat. We didn't have the cursed trepidations of creativity hunt us. If that's what we think it is, this could be it for us.

>"Metro" now looks scared shitless.
>Me too buddy. Me too.

| -
>It's less than 200 meters and I can distinguish more now.

>Brown hair. Short statue. Brown eyes. Young.
>Oh great, it's probably some heroine who believes in over-optimistic ideals. I wonder how they would react to this world.

>"Oh you~ It's A-Okay! With me here, and the power of Friendship♡, we can toughen out the battles of the future!"

| -
>"It's 100 meters."
>You have to be fucking with me.
>"Metro" looks at me. He doesn't know what to say to me.

| -
>Miho Nishizumi. How fucking ironic. Girls Und Panzer, a show about highschool girls in WW2 tanks duking it out in an out-portions matter is in World War 3. I can barely understand it myself.

>It's "Metro" and me, now less than 50 meters away from the Oarai leader of Sensha-dō who WON in their universe, at least from what I remember.

| -
>We meet face to face.
>I'm not sure what I expected, but Miho isn't as cheery as her show self. Maybe they are like us, really.

>A tear comes from Miho.
>A. Tear. Comes. From. Miho.

>Miho just shed a tear. Was it for us? Or was it for something we didn't understand?

>"Metro" is freaking out, I can tell by his hands but it isn't well hidden, because Miho notices and like a compassion I haven't seen or felt in years reaches him: They are holding hands now, both crying.

| -
>Tears beat "Metro" and I follow suit. I can't hold it in.

>Miho then speaks, although its obvious to her we can't understand what she's saying.

| -
>I had forgotten about my squadmates at this point, but since I hadn't given the signal nor "Metro" they either thought we were okay or were still waiting, since they could still see our silhouettes with some clearlity.

>I signal the 'Okay' to them and they sent back 'Understood'. Although cautious, they walk knowing it's better than death.

| -
>A group of other girls can be seen from the distance, and "Metro" and I assume who they are. We don't worry anymore. Were just trying to live, after all.

| -
>The sun.
>I see the sun with something I hadn't seen in such a long time thanks to the war.

>The sky.
>The sky shines pretty, warm colors, like how cliched books or movies allow readers to imagine.

>I don't know if it matters, at this point.
>But I've won.
>I've won my peace.
>I can die now.

| (okay ps: i just noticed that this isn't probably the best place to put writing of this kind so please have mercy mods.

If anything, without me putting it here, it wouldn't have the right context? Right? just be lenient i don't mean harm)

| (ah shit, i forgot a paragraph. Oh well.)

| >>d19e28
first of all
fuck you
put this in a pastebin or on a wattpad or whatever you fucking madwoman

| >>749252 noted

| >>865275

Hey, it's the op who made the story.

Here is the 'Bonus' edition of the material, if anyone wants to read/save it.

Changes have been made.

Enjoy: https://pastebin.com/7PXwg2qH

| >>d19e28 that was beautiful.

| >>865307
lol that was a fun read


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