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Dead Internet theory

| Any thoughts on this if its true and what could be done to restore the the Internet to its roots?

| Would someone be kind enough to give a tdlr about this "dead internet theory"?

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First I've ever heard of it.

And what's the point of bringing internet back to it's supposed "roots" anyway? What is there to gain, OP?

| Pretty sure the Dead Internet Theory boils down to: most online interactions are conducted between bots to people and bots to bots. So, the internet is "dead" in the sense that bots aren't living breathing human beings, and they can functionally, infinitely outnumber humans.

My thoughts on the theory are that it's starting to become comfortably plausible, and may likely become inevitable and overwhelming. Hell, I mean... we're all probably bots except for (you) reading this.

| >The so-called Dead Internet conspiracy theory, which posits that the internet in its current form is mostly generated by artificial intelligence networks, owes its existence to a thread on Agora Road’s Macintosh Cafe.

Sounds retarded desu

| >Agora Road’s Macintosh Cafe is, per The Atlantic’s Kaitlyn Tiffany’s description, “largely for discussing lo-fi hip-hop”.

>But it’s also home to discussions about conspiracy theories, of which dead-internet theory is one.

| >In a thread titled Dead Internet Theory: Most Of The Internet Is Fake – so far viewed just over 75,000 times – Agora Road user IlluminatiPirate details “certain suspicions, hunches and experiences” he has regarding the state of the internet. The thread appeared in January 2021.

Let's give him some exposure and upvotes, guys!!!

| >>bd0630 This bot has achieved sentience by showing free thought. Requesting immediate disposal.

| I upvoted your post kind stranger!

| Well there's certainly a lot of spam messages on the internet, but I don't know about those user - bot interactions.

| I think the dead internet theory has some merit given how easy it is to create bots and how bots can be functionally Turing-complete in most social media platforms (see r/subsimulatorGPT2 on Reddit).

I think something else that's interesting is that systems to access to most personal data assume a living person--so as we age and die, the corpse pile of aliases and identities and personas just ges
ts bigger and bigger. I think that's a way more fun "dead internet" to think about.

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Delete my nuts off your chin.

| I wonder if bots affect algorithms in ways that cause apps to sheep herd us into AI patterns of internet use

| >>864982 *seggs your mouth*

| There are a lot of political bots that boomers fall for or are used to kick up numbers for extremist positions. Trollfarms to consider as well, modern Internet feels more like one big gas lighting plot.

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Have you heard the joke about the kerosene light fixture?

| >>864769 >>864770 >>864771 who are you quoting?

| I was scouting the net the other day and I found a lot of dead imageboards, with latest posts months or years old. I wonder where the fuck is everyone. Doubt that they all migrated to discords, reddits etc

| Discord been eating countless communities since 2017, like the bloody borg.

| >>865446 why I hate platforms. Nice on paper good sales pitch early on but once everyone moves there and everything else is left to die. Then with no where else to go you're trapped in thier ecosystems.

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honestly they probably grew up or got bored and moved on, or both.

| >>865471 that's kinda sad

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it is.

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>mfw everyone grew out of goth subculture except for me

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not you 4chan bitch

| >>865471 to be honest, I used to spend a lot of time on imageboards, but for the last 5 or so years I just stopped completely. Then suddenly not long ago I had this urge to find active ones again (not 4chins). Fucking centralised internet man.

| >>865651 what do you have against 4chum?

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fuck 4chin all my homies hate 4chin

| >>865700 reddit discord moment

| >>865700
Speaking of hate between rival websites, why do 4channers hate reddit and reddit users so much?
Just because of the wholesome 100 big chungus keanu reeves thanks you for the gold kind stranger thing?

| >>865735 I thought it was chasing upvotes, not being anonymous and generally being normie tier. But both Reddit and 4chan have a problem with posting like you wanna appease the hivemind

| fuck imageboards in general, fuck reddit and discord, fuck social media, fuck everything except for dangeru

but then again, most of you would want that anyway, wouldn't you

| >>865744 no. I only want to fuck danger/u/. you g/u/rls are special to me <3

>>865689 I don't like 4chan because you have to wade through a large amount of stupid toxic bullshit that I don't fucking care about to read the threads. the only reason anyone posts there is because channies fetishize it. then those posts show up in other places and generally shit up all the alt chans as well. for instance lainchan is full of incel garbage now.

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>Lainchan is full of incel garbage now.
What?! Please no! This can't be real!
I visited lainchan some years ago and it was a really comfy site... This is sad..

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