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Cats Remember Each Other's Names

| In recent years, scientists have shown that cats actually bond deeply with humans. These complex creatures can and will communicate with us, and they even track our movements when we're not around.

Scientists discovered that in addition to knowing their own names, cats also appear to recognize the names of other cats they're familiar with, and may also know the names of people who live in the same household.

| That may sound a bit strange – to think that your cat might know your name – but dogs can be trained to remember the names of hundreds of different things, so perhaps it shouldn't be that surprising.

Maybe the weirdest bit is realizing that these aloof, seemingly disengaged creatures have been surreptitiously listening to us talking all this time.

| In experiments, researchers studied domestic cats who lived with other felines in a multi-cat household.

In the tests, the researchers would present a cat with an image of a familiar cat from the same household (called the 'model cat'), showing the cat's photograph on a computer screen.

While the image was displayed, a recording of the owner's voice would say the name of the model cat aloud (called the 'congruent condition'), or say a different name (the 'incongruent condition').

| What the team found was that cats from domestic households spent longer staring at the computer screen during the incongruent condition, perhaps because they were puzzled or intrigued by the mismatch of the model cat's image and name.

"Only household cats anticipated a specific cat face upon hearing the cat's name, suggesting that they matched the stimulus cat's name and the specific individual"

"Upon hearing a cats' name, the subjects expected the corresponding face."

| In another experiment, the researchers conducted a similar test, but used humans as the stimulus in place of the model cat. Cats were shown an image of a person they lived with (in a multi-person household), and at the same time the person's name was spoken, or another name was said in the incongruent condition.

| This time, cats again seemed to attend to the computer screen slightly longer when there was a mismatch between the image and name, but this effect tended to be greater in households that had more people living in them, and in households where the cat had lived with the family for longer.

| https://www.sciencealert.com/cats-know-each-other-s-names-experiment-suggests

| I'm more surprised the cats were able to read a photograph. Usually bi-dimensional images are hard for animals and even uncontacted humans to comprehend

| Cats are government drones and I'm totally okay with that. I love my cat either way.

| >>860360 I think you mean birds. Cat's are Ancient Egyptian stealth tech.

| >>860367 Oh yeah, you're right. I forget that part of Acient Egypt and it's stealth tech.

| [cumzone voice] Smuggling a dozen balls into the Gaza strip.

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