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| https://www.rappler.com/nation/elections/ferdinand-bongbong-marcos-jr-leads-partial-count-presidential-race-may-9-2022/

This board has one of the highest Filipino populations, how do you all feel about the news regarding our elections?

| I'm not Filipino, but I feel like this election was a huge joke considering they were tallying votes for areas that hadn't reported in.

I feel bad for the people I know over there, but what can ya do? Just grousing online won't solve anything, and I'm sure none of them would welcome international interference, because that will never happen cleanly.

| Blame a bombardment of disinformation online bamboozling people and doing historical revision for these mass murdering robber barons.

I hate that people are punishing artists over this.

| Fakebook and other social media platforms have blood on thier hands and have played a huge part in dismantling democracy wholesale.

Only gonna get worse with Musk at the helm

| extremely angry
also Sara being chief (?) of Department of Education? what a joke

| Ferdinand ”Bongbong” Marcos? What's up with "Bongbong"? Is that a real name?

| >>859933

Nicknames are common in the Philippines, especially names with repeating sounds.

His was Bongbong.

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The more I hear about Philippine culture the more I love it.

I wonder what my Philippine nickname would be~

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The most common ones are for first born sons and daughters. My uncle was called "Boy" and my aunt "Baby."

Even my mother mostly goes by her nickname, but I have no idea where it came from.

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