Neo-Spenglerian and the cycle of civilization.

| What's your opinion on this topic?


| tf is a neo-spenglerian

| tf is a civilization

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oswald_Spengler
a theory of world history developed by Oswald Spengler which holds that all major cultures undergo similar cyclical developments from birth to maturity to decay.

| >>858650 Nanashi Mumei

| >According to Spengler, the West will spend the next and last several hundred years of its existence in a state of Caesarian socialism, when all humans will be synergized into a harmonious and happy totality by a dictator

lol, what a moron

| >Spengler declares himself resolutely opposed to labor strikes, trade unions, progressive taxation or any imposition of taxes on the rich ("dry Bolshevism"), any shortening of the working day (he argues that workers should work even on Sundays), as well as any form of government insurance for sickness, old age, accidents, or unemployment.

Sounds real fucking happy and harmonic, amirite?

| What kind of retard even looks up wiki articles of morons like these?

| my first impression is that this feels like the the sort of thing you use to dismiss and entire persons argument without having to engage in anything their actually saying.

| My thoughts are that these models are general enough to be descriptive but too general to be predictive.

| I see thank you for your thought on the matter.

| >>858666 Moomer! :D

| Spengler, the incarnation of bourgeois metaphysical "philosophers" which distance themselves fascist theories while paving the way for fascism because they tend to ignore general underlying social-economical issues.
Spenglers Philosophy/Ideology is the gateway from liberal bourgeoisie to fascist bourgeoisie. Any reactionist loves it, no matter if nationalists, racists, imperialists, or religious fundamentalists. No matter if anti-muslim or islamists - they love his philosophy.

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