The principles of war propaganda

| 1. We don't want war
2. Only our enemy is responsible for it
3. The enemies leader is demonic
4. We fight for the good cause
5. The enemy uses forbidden weapons
6. The enemy is cruel on purpose, we only harm people by accident.
7. Our casualties are low, their are high.
8. Celebreties, Intelectuals, Artists and Scientists support our cause
9. Our mission is sacred
10. Those expressing doubts about our coverage belongs to the enemy and are traitors.

| so true, bestie.

| >Intelectuals

| >>857767
1. Than explain BR games
2. Who is our enemy? And is your enemy same as mine? What if your enemy is my friend?
3. I'm sure that most intelligent forms are humans
4. Source?
5. Define forbidden weapon (forbidden is social construct btw, physics allow pretty much things)
6. Honestly it's sounds as subjective justification
7. Proof?
8. Who and how?
9. What mission?
10. So i should have to stop doubting and murder you?

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