What's a opinion that would definitly get you on a countries watch list

| Mine personally is that Belgium is such a small and shit country that ruins its infrastructure by dividing more and more land into little plots to sell. It's literally all turning into city with miles of nothing. I understand that in America but not in a country that isnt even 1/5 the size of the UK. And it's supposed to be the center of the EU? What a joke

| Your opinion is autistic and incomprehensible. Furthermore, Belgium is not a real place. Delete your post.

| Post 9/11 law has only bolstered illegal spying on its citizens, justified under "suspicious" individuals, groups, or actions etc.

These qualifications are very subjective to allow any and all inquiries to be met with little to no resistance; easy spying from the government has come from a post 9/11 world in America, and more will come in the future in the name of "security".

oh and something about Israel being a illegitimate country.

| democracy is bullshit. government by the people for the people can't work if the people are retarded. we need a dictatorship, someone with strong ideals and will.

races exist. and those races are different from eachother

it's dumb to include (forcefully) retarded and problematic people in our society

torture and death penalty are ok, but the best thing is hard labor since you don't waste manpower.

| African people should not be helped. their culture and religion are bullshit and are only an obstacle to civilization, and since those people refuse to abandon their tradition they are just asking to be exploited along with their lands.

| Buddhism shouldn't be protected by the constitution

| NEETs and other uneducated losers should't have any say in society. Their opinions are best ignored since they only exist on the outskirts of Internet anyway.

Oh, wait... That's how it already is. Carry on.

| Never stop punching nazis.

Honestly when it comes to dealing with neo-nazis or fascist sympathisers, it's always temptint to get angry and call them evil, but I find its often far more productive to laugh at them and mock them for being losers, as your average neo-nazi/fascist sympathiser is super self conscious about their own image from a coolness standpoint.

| As pathetic as it is, the average neo-nazi/fascist sympathiser is far more bothered by the idea that they are cringe nerds than they are at the idea they are genocidal or bad people.

| All the democratic countries need to do is simply hold the line, hold their values and the cringe nerds will suffer the same fate as the old ones. We dont have to beat them on the battlefield (unless they start a war. Lookin at you Russia). The best revenge is living well, smiling, and laughing often.


| >>857415 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=L90smU0SOcQ

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