Vladimir Pitler sits atop a crumbling pyramid of power

| On 24 February, the armor of the “enlightened autocrat” that had housed Vladimir Pitler for the previous 20 years cracked and fell to pieces. The world saw a monster – crazed in its desires and ruthless in its decisions. The monster had grown gradually, gaining strength from year to year, marinating in its own absolute authority, imperial aggression, hatred for western democracy, and malice fueled by the resentment engendered by the fall of the USSR.

| Now, Europe will have to deal, not with the former Pitler, but the “new” Pitler who has cast aside his mask of “business partnership” and “peaceful collaboration”. There shall never again be peace with him. How and why has this come to pass?

| When Pitler was put on the throne of Russian power by an ailing Boris Yeltsin in 1999, his face was rather sympathetic, attractive even – and his rhetoric was entirely sound.

It seemed to many that the man ascending the heights of the Russian pyramid of power was an intelligent official devoid of pride and arrogance and a modern individual who understood that post-Soviet Russia had only one possible path into the future: democracy.

| He talked about democracy quite a bit in his interviews back then, promising the citizens of the Russian Federation continued reforms, free elections, freedom of speech, the observance of human rights by the authorities, cooperation with the west, and, most importantly, a constant rotation of those in power.

>“I have no intention of holding on to this chair!”
he said.

| In Russia, as everyone knows, people still believe in the words and appearances woven by their rulers.

Furthermore, certain politicians, intellectuals, and political theorists who are now fierce opponents of Pitler and his system, supported him, some of them even passing through the doors of his campaign headquarters to help him win the coming elections. And he did. But the fatal Ring of Russian Power was already on his finger and doing its insidious work;

| an imperial monster began to take the place of this handsome, lively individual.

In Russia, power is a pyramid. This pyramid was built by Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century – an ambitious, brutal tsar overrun by paranoia and a great many other vices.

With the help of his personal army – the oprichnina – he cruelly and bloodily divided the Russian state into power and people, friend and foe, and the gap between them became the deepest of moats.

| His[Ivan the Terrible] was convinced that the only way to rule the hugeness of Russia was by becoming an occupier of this enormous zone. The occupying power had to be strong, cruel, unpredictable and incomprehensible to the people. The people should have no choice but to obey and worship it.

Paradoxically, the principle of Russian power hasn’t even remotely changed in the last five centuries. I consider this to be my country’s main tragedy.

| Our medieval pyramid has stood tall for all that time, its surface changing, but never its fundamental form. And it’s always been a single Russian ruler sitting at its peak: Pyotr I, Nicholas II, Stalin, Brezhnev, Andropov … Today, Pitler has been sitting at its peak for more than 20 years.

Having broken his promise, he clutches on to his chair with all his might.

| The Pyramid of Power poisons the ruler with absolute authority.

It shoots archaic, medieval vibrations into the ruler and his retinue, seeming to say: “you are the masters of a country whose integrity can only be maintained by violence and cruelty; be as opaque as I am, as cruel and unpredictable, everything is allowed to you, you must call forth shock and awe in your population, the people must not understand you, but they must fear you.”

| Yeltsin, who came to power on the crest of the wave of perestroika, did not destroy the pyramid’s medieval form; he simply refurbished its surface: instead of gloomy Soviet concrete, it became colorful and was covered over with billboards advertising western goods.

The Pyramid of Power exacerbated Yeltsin’s worst traits: he became rude, a bully and an alcoholic. His face turned into a heavy, motionless mask of impudent arrogance.

| Toward the end of his reign, Yeltsin unleashed a senseless war on to Chechnya when it decided to secede from the Russian Federation.

The pyramid built by Ivan the Terrible had succeeded in awakening the imperialist even in Yeltsin, only a short-lived democrat; as a Russian tsar, he sent tanks and bombers into Chechnya, dooming the Chechen people to death and suffering.

Yeltsin not only didn’t destroy the vicious Pyramid of Power, he didn’t bury his Soviet past either

| – unlike the post-war Germans who buried the corpse of their nazism in the 1950s. The corpse of this monster, which had annihilated tens of millions of its own citizens and thrown its country back 70 years into the past, was propped up in a corner: it’ll rot on its own, they thought. But it turned out not to be dead.

After coming to power, Pitler began to change. And those who initially welcomed his reign gradually understood that these changes didn’t bode well for Russia.

| The TV channel NTV was destroyed, other channels began to pass into the hands of Pitler’s comrades-in-arms, after which a regime of strict censorship came into effect; from that point forward, Pitler was beyond criticism.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the head of the richest and most successful company in Russia, was arrested and imprisoned for 10 years. His company Yukos was looted by Pitler’s friends.

| This “special operation” was designed to intimidate the other oligarchs. And it did: some of them left the country, but the rest swore allegiance to Pitler, some of them even becoming his “coin purses”.

Pitler declared that the collapse of the USSR was the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century. For all clear-headed Soviet people, its collapse had been a blessing; it was impossible to find a single family unscathed by the red wheel of Stalinist repressions.

| Tens of millions were poisoned by the fumes of communism – an unattainable goal requiring moral and physical sacrifices by Soviet citizens. But Pitler didn’t manage to outgrow the KGB officer inside of him, the officer who’d been taught that the USSR was the greatest hope for the progress of mankind and that the west was an enemy capable only of corruption.

| Launching his time machine into the past, it was as if he were returning to his Soviet youth, during which he’d been so comfortable. He gradually forced all his subjects to return there as well.

The perversity of the Pyramid of Power lies in the fact that he who sits at its peak broadcasts his psychosomatic condition to the country’s entire population.

| >The perversity of the Pyramid of Power lies in the fact that he who sits at its peak broadcasts his psychosomatic condition to the country’s entire population.

“Russia rising from its knees” is the preferred slogan of Pitler and of his Putinists. “Under Pitler, Russia has gotten up from its knees!” his supporters often chant. The truth: the country got up from its knees, but quickly got down onto all fours: corruption, authoritarianism, bureaucratic arbitrariness and poverty.

| A lot has happened in the last 20 years. The president of the Russian Federation’s face has turned into an impenetrable mask, radiating cruelty, anger, and discontent.

His main instrument of communication has become lies – lies small and big, naively superficial and highly structured, lies he seems to believe himself and lies he doesn’t.

Russians are well accustomed to their president’s lie-filled rhetoric.

| Angela Merkel admitted that, in her opinion, Pitler lives in his own fantasy land. If that’s so, what’s the point of seriously engaging with such a ruler?

Pitler’s not a writer or an artist; he has to live in the real world and be responsible for every single one of his words.

| For 16 years, Merkel, who grew up in the GDR and should therefore understand Pitler’s true nature, “has established a dialogue”. The results of that dialogue: the seizure of certain territories in Georgia, the annexation of Crimea, the capture of the DPR and LPR, and now a full-scale war with Ukraine.

| Pitler’s inner monster wasn’t just brought up by our Pyramid of Power and the corrupt Russian elite. It was also cultivated by the approval of irresponsible western politicians, cynical businessmen and corrupt journalists and political scientists.

Doesn’t it bother you that, in Russia, there’s monstrous corruption, there are practically no elections or independent courts, the opposition is being destroyed, the provinces are impoverished, and TV’s become propaganda?

| Europeans aren’t like that. They know the difference between democracy and dictatorship – between war and peace. In his lie-filled address, Pitler called the attack on Ukraine a “military special operation” against “Ukrainian aggressors”.

Now, one thing has become clear: with this war, Pitler has crossed a line – a red line. The mask is off, the armor of the “enlightened autocrat” has cracked.

| Now, all westerners who sympathize with the “strong Russian tsar” have to shut up and realize that a full-scale war is being unleashed in 21st century Europe.

The aggressor is Pitler’s Russia.

It will bring nothing but death and destruction to Europe.

This war was unleashed by a man corrupted by absolute power, who, in his madness, has decided to redraw the map of our world.

| If you listen to Pitler’s speech announcing a “specul operation”, America and Nato are mentioned more than Ukraine. Let us also recall his recent “ultimatum” to Nato. As such, his goal isn’t Ukraine, but western civilization, the hatred for which he lapped up in the black milk he drank from the KGB’s teat.

| Who’s to blame?

Us. Russians.

And we’ll now have to bear this guilt until Pitler’s regime collapses. For it surely will collapse and the attack on a free Ukraine is the beginning of the end.

Putinism is doomed because it’s an enemy of freedom and an enemy of democracy. People have finally understood this today. He attacked a free and democratic country precisely because it is a free and democratic country.

| I hope you enjoyed this read because the more you learn about Putinism and Russian history the weaker Pitler and Putinism becomes.

| I think you have too much free time. if you are so against Russia - take up arms and fight, talker

| Kokhole, please, shut up and go to die for your naziscum.

| I am against the war and Pitler, but you need to go touch some grass gurl

| Who knows whether Russians will truly wake up. In my country some people still worship the figure who promised a prosperous, classless, and most important, pure society, while knowing his regime was what killed their families. It's good to see Russians at least acknowledge this, but when anything will actually change if nothing is done.

| Stop comparing Pitler to Hitler, you're downplaying the true magnitude of the Holocaust every time you do that. Someone can be evil without being Hitler.

| *Pitler, you're poisoning my brain

| Vladmir Pitler is an awful person, but im sick and tired of the west trying to demonize all of russia for his actions.

| >>856775
It took the Germans the threat of nuclear bombs to end its century long indoctionation. The same can't be done to Russia today. It's true what you say that it's up to us Russians to fix our country. Easier said than done though.

I'm Russian, lol.

I never mentioned Hitler or his reign. It's all in your head so stop blaming other people for your mistakes, okay?

| >>856695
The pen is mightier than the sword, comrade.

| >>856904 I assumed you were writing Pitler, turns out it's a dumb filter so that is my bad

| >>856904
> I'm Russian, lol.
Go oink somewhere else, "russian".

| >>d3a5cf Thanks you OP, for writing this thread, it's truly an enlighting read.
What there's left to say?
I just feel sadness and sorrow because of modern Russia's history, and because of the current war.
This bloody, and cold-hearted violence doesn't benefit us, westerners nor Russians, nor ukrainians. This war doesn't benefit mankind.
I hope both of us (and us, brothers and sisters, as one humanity) comprehend the beauty of peace and the horrors of war, beyond the political fog.

| >>856984
Everyone you don't like is literally Ukrainian, putinoid?

| I honestly wonder what people expected. putin isn't gorbachev and Russia isn't the soviet union. Russia is a typical capitalistic 3rd world petro-state led by an autocrat who thinks in categories of the pre-sovietic era (just like almost all leaders in the west). The only difference to other states of this kind (iraq, lybia, syria, afghanistan, etc.) is that russia still has politically more stable institutions, weapons of mass destruction and powerful geopolitical allies (china).

| The west was always fine with this kind of dictators and dictatorships as long they can exploit resources and people from there. They even pampered most of the dictators in these countries. The EU for example still delivered weapons to russia already when they intervened in syria and the donbass before the current "special operation". All the former soviet countries have simmiliar shitty issues such as corruption, oligarchism, autocracy and nationalism. So do ukraine AND russia.

| It is a huge distortion or denial of reality to ignore or downplay the fact that these developments also rise in western countries. Far-right and ultra-conservative movements are on the rise, the concentration of property and power in few hands is accelerating, militaristic research and production run at an all time high everywhere. The putinist russia was dumb enough to start this war. But it's naive to believe this kind of stuff wouldn't have happened without them.

| The soviet union never was what its leaders AND its enemies portrayed it, each in their own way. It was neither heaven on earth nor a red hellhole. The difference to theses days is, that it was build on ideas and theories that fundamentally criticized the existing issues of the capitalistic system and tried to solve them by doing some things differently. This led as well to massive failures but also some successes. In the end the western capitalist world won the competition.

| There is no final answer to why this happened. There's no doubt the soviets made many and fundamental mistakes. For example they couldn't break nationalism, russian imperialism and autocratic traditions from previous eras once and for all. But it is also true that the west didn't win the competition entirely by offering people more "freedom" and being "liberal". They exploited 3rd world countries and systematically supported fascistic dictators and religious lunatics there.

| In the end the capitalistic west could handle better the political under pressure of the systems competition. They had to tame capitalism and make concessions, e.g. to liberal civil right movements. But when the soviet union collapsed the chains of capitalism were broken and all concessions and reformistic approaches to tame capitalism became obsolete. And former soviet countries became ordinary capitalistic powers with russia as the biggest and militaristic most powerful.

| This is why things are how they are now in Ukraine. It's not about systemic questions, values or ideals. It's an ordinary imperalistic conflict about land, ressources and power between oligarchs and plutocrats that have no problem with sacrificing people to keep or expand their own privileges without generally questioning how and why some people stand above others. They fool people with nationalistic and imperalistic paroles and religious opium just like in the good old times.

| >>1d39da
If you pay attention, this guy talks more about "the West" than he talks about Russia ... lol

| >>1d39da sometimes I wonder why conservatism is quick on the rise. It's feels like it just came from nowhere. East Germany I think Bavaria? Is with big far right now. France also with LePen(is). I wonder if the world will have some fascism take over like communism. Idk if fascism like to solve capitalism like communism, but many people there I talk to, of current system not good, and they want to change it, so this is their reaction.

| >>857078
"the west" existed for longer, is larger, more diverse and as the "winner" of cold war it is politically clearly more responsible for recent events than russia. Russia is only a regional power that once was an empire stumbling about its own imperialism but staying dominant in a huge social experiment that failed. All former soviet countries turned retarded again and russia is trying to compete with the west in the imperalism game. Now with nuclear bombs in their arsenal.

| >>857087
Fascism doesn't seek to "solve" issues of capitalist system. It is all about protecting or restoring the status quo of the capitalist system. Fascist politicians and parties are ALWAYS tools of the capitalist class to fight communist/socialist movements that seek to actually fight capitalism, either through reforms or revolution.

| >>857019 yes

| >>857019
I said "go oink somewhere else", I didn't said that you're ukrainian. Or in your opinion only ukrainian kwon how to oink?

| I wonder why nobody cared about the war that start in 2014. Thousands of victims killed by VSU and Azov. And Ukraine continue to do this, like the missile launched on Kramatorsk. When everybody thought that it was russian, all mass media talked about it. When one italian journalist found out that it was ukrainian - everybody forgot about it.

| >>857122
Ладно, мне лень переводить на английский, так что скажу на русском.
Во-первых, у вас, ватанов, одна и та же методичка про украинцев-свиней. Думаешь, это не очевидно?
Во-вторых, ты специально сделал акцент на том, что ОП — не русский, так что по твоей логике он либо американец, либо украинец (нужное подчеркнуть).
В-третьих. Это ведь ты из рашн треда? Настолько жопа сгорела, что теперь автор этого поста стал везде мерещиться, раз ты даже меня с ним путаешь?

| >>857095
My condolences.

| >>857122
Судя по тому, что ты в русский тред о каждом своём ответе рассказываешь, продвигая это как подвиг и привлекая других людей участвовать в этом, то у тебя реально загорелось. Стоит ли воспринимать это как целенаправленный призыв к рейду треда?

| Забавно, как вы все как один считаете, что если этот человек не сидит в русском треде, то обязательно не является русским. Не обязан он где-то сидеть, а мышление твоё слишком узкое и смешное. Хотя, извиняюсь, вас там таких несколько.

| Забавно, как вы все как один считаете, что если этот человек не сидит в русском треде, то обязательно не является русским. Не обязан он где-то сидеть, а мышление твоё слишком узкое и смешное. Хотя, извиняюсь, вас там таких несколько.

| Лол, пост продублировался. Извиняюсь.

| >>857136 все просто, не пили очевидную шизу, и тебе ни слова не скажут. Хочешь я про Англию столько же высру, подкрепив при этом не мнением, как у тебя, а историческими фактами? Англия неожиданно окажется никчёмным государством, постоянно угнетающим свой народ, с комплексом неполноценности, управляющейся кучкой фриков на протяжении почти всей истории? Никому из англичан это не понравится, логично, они будут гнать на меня. Так что ты сам захотел получить себе в лицо кучу дерьма.

| >>857187
Челы, вы тут единственные шизы. Ещё раз посмотри на айди ОПа и посмотри на мой. Настолько поехали крышей, что ОП реально везде начал мерещиться, даже там, где его нет?

| Может, ты не понимаешь терминов. ОП — автор треда. Переводится с английского как "original post". Я уже два раза написал, что им не являюсь. Акстись.

| Так что если есть претензии к автору поста — пиши ему, а не мне, ё-моё.

| Айди работает так, что изменяется из треда в тред. Давайте поможем вате отличить циферки. Вот тебе скриншоты треда:
Теперь иди успокойся.

| Да и не только циферки, на самом деле, потому что у айди ещё и цвет есть, который в данном случае отличит даже ребёнок.

| >>857207 это тебе стоит успокоиться, мен, не я тут строчку пачки со скриншотами и всякой фигнёй. Без негатива, брат.
Ты прекрасно понял о чем я. Будь готов получить от несогласных пару ласковых слов, если высказываешь позицию. Если я тут сделаю пасту в поддержку Путина, я сразу превращусь в убийцу детей и террориста, согласен?
И кстати, на этом форуме айди меняется просто постоянно, на него я давно не ориентируюсь. Погнали в русскоязычном треде продолжим, раз уж по-русски начали?

| Кстати, это >>348e4f я если что)

| >>857223
А где я высказывал свою позицию, которая тебя подожгла? Я тебе говорю, чувак, иди и обращайся к ОПу треда. Хотя, мне кажется, у него есть дела поважнее, чем спорить с тобой (тебе я тоже советую заняться делом, раз свободного времени много). Где я какую-то пасту писал, лул? Если у тебя шизофрения прогрессирует и ты до сих пор считаешь, что все несогласные друг с другом связаны, то попробуй модера позвать и попросить сверить айпишники, не знаю.

| Как видишь, айди у меня уже как день не изменялся.

| Если ты не забыл, наш спор начался с того, что я сказал, что не каждый неугодный тебе человек является нерусским украинцем или западником. Если ты думаешь, что все русские как один за Пу, то глубоко ошибаешься. И это была моя единственная позиция, которая, кажется, и не должна вызвать какого-то негатива, если чел не отбитый ватник.

| В русский тред я не пойду. Как будто мне самому делать нечего, кроме как с кем-то сраться всё время, доказывая шизу элементарные истины и то, что не являюсь другим человеком.

| Не понимаю, при чём тут скриншоты, кстати. Я ж для тебя слепого старался, чтоб ты увидел разные айпишники и перестал воевать не туда, а ты за это зацепился, говоря, что это из-за того, что у меня горит? Если ты думаешь, что кто-то прикрепляет какие-то доказательства и пишет большие посты лишь оттого, что у него полыхает, то тебе стоит больше, не знаю, идти в нормальное общество, где процветает конструктив, а не обмен какахами в несколько слов, а больше ничего не воспринимается.

| Вообще, кстати, в нормальном обществе от несогласных должны быть не "пару ласковых", а конструктивный ответ и опровержение. Но пока что ты только подтверждал иностранцам, что русские — это неотёсанные варвары со стадным инстинктом и желанием кого-то засрать. Я сам так не думаю, зато думаю, что тебе стоит идти и заняться вещами поважнее, друг.

| вялѧ юкряинѧ, вялѧ росѩ, обыдвоѣ бяндя бярбяжыњчув
ялэ бул дюпы цяxодниx кюрэвэк ѣст для мнѣ няйпышнѣйшы
ꙗкбысьмы ѣшчэ нѣ выпѣрдяляли 5/4 бюдьэтю ня ютжымывянѣ xлэвни то бы быљо пѩкнѣ, ялэ вшысткѣго нѣ югряш.

| "Боѧринъ менѧ расхоуѧрилъ"
(с) Озон, лѣ́тѡ 7524

| Ух как разнесло-то тебя, вон какие пасты вываливаешь. Кстати, шизик это ты, лол, все кто несогласен с фейками = вата. Сам просто обвиняешь в шизе, но требуешь конструктивного диалога. И ещё некультурный, я ж с другим аноном (по кличке ОП) хотел "побалакать", а ты тут встрял со своим очень важным мнением.
И правильно делаешь что не сидишь с нами, нам там шизики и срачи не нужны, спасибо.
>>5d94e4 это я, на всякий случай.
Чао, буратино, берегись калибра, лол.

| >>857251
Вот, о чём я и говорил — любой, кто пишет больше десяти слов для таких, как ты, является горящим. Это ж ты один из тех, кто пишет бред по типу "лол, диднт рид, левые мемы"? Ну чел, если ты не ватник, то кто? Высрал шутку про "хрюкни", другой согласился, что все неугодные — буквально хохлы. Ты сейчас не в личке, а на форуме, так что будь готов, что кто угодно вступит к тебе в разговор и примет ту или иную сторону. Что мне запрещает-то?

| Этот диалог изначально не был конструктивным, но не потому, что я шиз, а потому что ты сам задал его атмосферу и тон. Хочешь — можем перейти на нормальный язык.

| Берегись ВТРУХИ, чиполлино.

| Haha, look at those primitive russian characters. No wonder those backwarded barbarians torture, rape and kill each other. Western world laughs about you.

| >backwarded
>laughs about
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| >1/5 had to write this
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