Unpopular opinion on war

| war = bad

| ITS popularność

| >>856358
unpopularność, you spaghetti person

| >>856359 niepopularne

| war never changes

| >>fb7a14
And still it will always be one of the lowest points of humanity.

| Looking at the interner there sure are lower points of humanity...>>856374

| Unpopular war opinion: your mother is gay, you are adopted.

| War good

| Peace boring

| war makes it easier for engineers like me to find a job

| Ya ^

| >>856395 the internet is just a window to the world, and with it we see war is still the biggest motivator for depravity, like the Ukrainian soldier who called the dead enemy family to mock them of his death, or the Russians who used the face of a cat as an ashtray

| We need that war for destroy russia autocratic, freedom for Kazakhstan and another country

| >>856513 we need that war to debunk your mother's ass

| Not enough playrounds have been bomb. Ukranian need to declare Jihad

| Here is an actual unpopular opinion: war is necessary. A portion of humanity will always choose violence. And that's not something we should necessarily try to get rid of. We just need to keep it tightly focused

| >>856528 Good opinion, however,
it not funni

| Unpopular opinion: after corona-chan finally good event

| >>856520 Bited

| >>856556 that's it, you bited some dirt

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