putin ready to use nuclear bomb?

| Too many ppl talk about putin bomb
He ready for use that?

| i hope so; 30000 megatons is what we deserve

| >>856306 no one is going to use a nuke. it would mean world scale destruction. it just works as a deterrent

| >>856306 every country having nuclear bomb is ready to use bomb, it's how nuclear bomb works, they are useless if they are not ready for usage 1/2

| >>856306 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutual_assured_destruction

this doctrine is reason why is there not world war 3, if will russia going to launch nuclear weapons first, usa, uk and other nuclear bomb holders will send counter-attack and Russia will be destroyed too. All competent workers in security are aware about this. Is question if will dare to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but most likely not, it is again of narativ what are Russia media doing.

| there is no reason for using a nuke rn, especially if launched on ukraine. too close to russia, it would harm both allies and enemies

| very unlikely.

| I wamt to be irradiated for daddy

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