Going to the bottom of what makes an asshole an asshole

| Everybody knows at least one.

That person in your life who’s irritating, exasperating and generally unpleasant to be around. In other words, a total asshole.

A study, published in Collabra: Psychology asked almost 400 people to think of the “biggest asshole” in their life to assess the traits that people associate with the term. Researchers found that most of the targets of the insult were viewed as manipulative, aggressive and entitled.

| These traits, along with other common themes like manipulation and irresponsibility, don’t just characterize run-of-the-mill “assholes.” They’re some of the same traits highlighted in expert profiles of psychopathic, antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders. (The researchers say that these similarities don’t necessarily mean your asshole ex has a personality disorder, though.)

| “When we talk about personality, the asshole was described as somebody who is not agreeable and is angry.”

“When we talk about behaviors, the asshole was not necessarily being antagonistic toward people, but they just didn’t really care about what others were thinking or how they were perceived by others.”

These people often appeared to struggle with regulating their anger, were irresponsible and held bigoted views.

| The study examined information about the personality of targets as communicated via a common insult. Participants perceived the “biggest assholes” in their lives—mostly middle-aged men—as chiefly characterized by a combination of antagonism (i.e., low Agreeableness; immodesty, uncooperativeness, lack of empathy) and hostility (i.e., Anger facet of Neuroticism).

In other words, insults communicate information about antagonistic traits and are associated with disagreeable behavior.

| So if you're a self-centered compulsive liar who demands special treatment, uses racist and/or sexist slurs, blames other people for your problems and can't admit to being wrong when presented with facts, then you're scientifically proven to be a proper grade A asshole.


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You're describing those pro-putin child torture-apologists from /new/, lol.

| do you two know how to do anything other than call people names?

| hi john

| human condition is an asshole

| *cumzone voice* Journey to the bottom of the asshole.

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Read the study and you'll know, lol.

| >>855957
Triggered by hard scientific facts.^

| >>855873 >>855939 >>856172 >>856173 >self-awareness: 0
Or just bait. Idk anymore.

| >>856186
You obviously didn't understand the study. (or bothered to read it before getting triggurd)

| Underrated thread

| >>856153 why is that so funny to me

| >>856192
scientific study? cool dude. how about
how about making an actual point

| >>856313
It's a thread about the findings of a scientific study. How dense are you?? Why are you commenting in this thread if you're not even understanding what it's about wtf.

| >>856408 This thread is about sex.
I love sex.

| >>a9d68a >>e64993
Admit it. Upon reading the word "asshole" you got tunnel vision and got all defensive, amirite?

You're such a snowflake ...

| >>e9e6ee >>611a22
hOw dEnsE aRe yUO
sUcH a snOwFlAKe
i still didnt see a point being made which said study would support. i saw you severely bastardize the findings of said study in what little you said about the actual article. and you are calling me words. im not a graduate, but i belive it is common consensus that such behaviour would be widely regarded as "assholish". dont you agree?

| >>856445
>When we talk about behaviors, the asshole was not necessarily being antagonistic toward people, but they just didn’t really care about what others were thinking or how they were perceived by others
Their own study literally says they won't care about what you have to say lol. Really no point replying

Or maybe it's as I've said earlier, it's just really good bait. You can see this by the fact they aren't even referencing the article, only posting vague, provoking comments

| >just really good bait.
it's not even good though

| >>856515 it is a bait tho, atleast give it that

| >>856445
>i saw you severely bastardize the findings of said study

Bullshit. You didn't even read the study, or you didn't understand it. It's mere existence just triggered you for some weirdo reason.

You're still flooding this thread with off topic nonsense, aren't you?

| >I-i'm not an asshole! The facts are wrong!! The entire scientific community set out to bait me~

| >>856902 calling someone triggered is not very scientific mon amigo. And you are yet to say anything meaningful in relation to the study and data it provides. Nor does your reply indicate willingness to have a meaningful discussion. Neither does it show intelligence.
So i wish you to deal with whatever leads you to the path of acting like a clown for the purpose of making someone irritated - and actually producing a thought that means anything in your sorry ass life

| >>857071
The scientific study never called you triggered, you triggered fuckwit.

| #triggered #asshole #gotem

| Imagine being so insecure that you take personal offense from results of scientific research...

This is a new low even for /new/.

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It's pretty embarrasing behaviour, ngl. But we all know him by now so his off-topic ramblings doesn't really come as a suprise anymore.

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Honestly when it comes to dealing with neo-nazis or fascist sympathisers, it's always temptint to get angry and call them evil, but I find its often far more productive to laugh at them and mock them for being losers, as your average neo-nazi/fascist sympathiser is super self conscious about their own image from a coolness standpoint.

| As pathetic as it is, the average neo-nazi/fascist sympathiser is far more bothered by the idea that they are cringe nerds than they are at the idea they are genocidal or bad people.

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