What's up with the church?

| Through out history all I ever saw was the church being quite the assholes, but these days I don't quite see nor understand their point.
They look like a glorified charity.

| They never stopped being assholes, honey. You just take one look at the US south. Or the entirety of the US for the matter.

| >>855846
Or the entirety of Russia. They're even more brainwashed than southern americans.

| My grandma is binging fear mongoring books that talk about how when rhe pope gets assassinated it'll start ww3, honestly even if he did, who'd give a shit, but back to the point, why is the church still around?

| Sense of community in confusing internet neolib world

| >>855862 >the entirety

I bet you don't know what you are talking about.

| >>855900
Was it the mentioning of Russia in my post that triggered your delicate sensibilities? Because that's literally the only difference between my post and the one I replied to. Fuck off with your whiny shitposting, megafaggot.

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Indoctionated bible thumpers are *extremely* common here(Russia) and everyone knows it including the west. It's the first thing people think of when you mention Russia. It's part of our cultural heritage because this country has been poor, uneducated and brainwashed for over a century.

We even have one as a regular on this board. Just read any of his post chains and you'll see for yourself. The guy's a complete puppet.

| How did this manage to turn into why is russia russia?

| >>855840
What church? There are more than one.

| >>855973 church as in the "organization" but english do be stupid like this sometimes

| I just realised... why did I post this in /new/

| >>855967
Because pro-Gremlin bots derail every thread they participate in. Every. Single. One.

| >>856194
stay mad khokholite

| >>856194 you were the first one who brought up russia my dearest g/u/rl. at least put in the effort to change your ID first...

| >>856254
His post was on topic though? You're the one who couldn't face the reality about your country without acting out like a nap-deprived child.

The post right above him said *the exact same thing* about a different country, yet no one from that demographic got triggered.

The pro-gremlin russians on the other hand... They have the ego of a snail and the self-awareness of a tulip, and they get triggered every single fucking time. It's embarrasing, ngl.

| >>855942
Based self-aware Russian comrade.

| >>855977
there are more than one organization that call themselves "the church".

| >>856281 hell if I know, everytime I hear bout them they sound like a hivemind

| >wants to bitch about something
>can't identify or distinguish it
Rethink your life.

| In my country, historically churches were institutions of education which helped preserve our language, culture and history from the Ottoman occupation. While its undeniable that many such institution, most notably the Russian Orthodox and Catholic Church, are corrupt to the point of just being a glorified crime syndicate or corperation, on a smaller scale and especially in rural areas they act as genuine pillars to the community (Unless you have a drunkard priest..).

| >>856573
If your culture was worth preserving, you wouldn't have been under Ottoman occupation in the first place.
The only thing that a subjugated people can bring to the world is a genocide, and they bring it the moment they become free: see the examples of Haiti, post-WW2 Czechia, or Israel.

| >>856697 but isn't every culture worth preserving?

| >>856573
>which helped preserve our language, culture and history from the Ottoman occupation.
It's also true that the Ottomans were quite liberal and tolerant in their religion and cultural politics.

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EVERY culture has elements worth being preserved, as EVERY culture has elements that are better to be abandoned.

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