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Opinion: re Capital Punishment

| *specifically in the United States

NSFL for obvious reasons
(also I’m high af so maybe this isn’t so profound ????)

I wanna point out the sheer number of execution of execution chambers we have in our nation. There are 29 jurisdictions that carry out the death penalty, and all but three of them have their own dedicated death chamber. That means we have 26 death chambers in our country! I know that’s much less than the “old days” but Its still like these things are hanging all over.

| The ideal number of these chambers would be zero, for the record.

| It is my opinion that capital needs to be punished. Severely. Thank you.

| >house burns down, killing your wife, daughter and son
>go trough hell while mourning the loss of your family while being a prime suspect
>lose trial and get sentenced to death
>after death new evidence surfaces that proves your innocence
>the state governor still publically mocks your death

| There have been at least 39 executions that have taken place that involved cases where there was serious doubt or known innocence.

There are at least 10 people who were convicted and executed for a capital crime where there was strong evidence of their innocence, with the latest being in 2011.

Isn't that fucked up?

| >>855851

It's pretty fucked up, yeah.

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